Grotto Percentage Info?

  1. I've noticed that there are some percentage information in the bottom right hand of the top screen when looking at all the Treasure Maps. The top on is a percentage of the map explored. However, the second one seems to be a drop item, however the percentage doesn't go up after receiving the item twice, so what is that percentage recording? Additionally, I have no idea whatsoever about what the third percentage is and I'm horribly curious. Please inform me!

    User Info: suisaru

    suisaru - 7 years ago

Accepted Answer

  1. Grotto bosses are very interesting.

    Each grotto boss actually has four (4) drops (I think all of them do; can't confirm this with every single one). They have two really common drops (which you can steal from them; one example is the Tactical Vest from Excalipurr). These two drops ARE recorded in your bestiary, but ARE NOT recorded in the information section you mentioned (the one you see on the lower-right of any grotto map information screen).

    [Note: As far as I can tell, the two rare drops I'm about to discuss do NOT appear in your bestiary. They might if you haven't gotten the lower quality drops, though.]

    Then there are the two rare drops. These are the two drops recorded in the information screen you mentioned. The first drop appears with a drop rate of anywhere from 5% to 10% (it depends on the grotto boss - most are 5%). The second drop, the rarest of the rare, almost always has a 2% drop rate (according to the Brady Games strategy guide). This includes such things as Sensible Sandals (Elusid) and the Spring Breeze Hat (Fowleye). These are usually the lowest rung of the best of the best pieces of armor in the game (which allow you to start the chain of alchemical upgrades to the absolute best armor).

    The percentage you see on each grotto map never changes; it's based on the drop rate of the rare equipment that the particular grotto boss gives you. In this way, the standard grotto bosses are different than the legacy bosses, whose drop rates improve as you level them.

    Hope that answers your question!

    User Info: rpbancroft

    rpbancroft - 6 years ago 0 0

Other Answers

  1. It is the chance you will get the dropped item. The boss has two drops, one common and one rare, but they only get recorded after you've received the item.

    User Info: yab

    yab (Expert) - 7 years ago 1 0

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