How do I beat Corvus final form with my team?

  1. My team

    me:ministrel lv 60
    samantha:sage lv 43
    micheal: martial artists lv59
    amanda:gladiator lv29 (in training)

    User Info: soulsilver132

    soulsilver132 - 7 years ago

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  1. Well, i suggest raising your level 29 gladiator to about level 40. This way you'll have a slightly even team as far as levels are concerned. As for the rest of your party, i would highly suggest changing your minstrel's class to something a bit stronger such as another gladiator or martial artist. Your sage should have no problems with healing, it learns decent heal spells and nice revive spells such as Kazing. Lastly, I'd also suggest fnding ways to heighten the tension of your martial artist and gladiator(s) when you fight Corvus and to use skills like Falcon Slash or Hard Claw to hit him.

    User Info: PokemonVeteran

    PokemonVeteran (Expert) - 7 years ago 2 0


  1. I hope you've maxed out faith (priest ability set) on the sage. Sages are average healers even with faith maxed out.
    I don't remember if Corvus uses disruptive wave. If he doesn't, always have two kabuffs on.

    You have gladiator, so use double up with the martial artist. If you have life fource, use that on the martial artist. Then attack. You'll do 2.5 times your base damage.

    Minstrel is a horrible class. It focuses on charm, and is very mediocre. But you're level 60, so it might be fine. If you have a good weapon, also use double up and/or life fource on minstrel and attack.

    Sage should use kabuff, moreheal, multiheal, or kazing every turn. Nothing else. Unless you have a yggdrasil leaf or dew.

    The gladiator is a problem. If your gladiator has 100 virtue, 90 courage, and 82 guts, then she has enough hp and defense to not die at that level. If she doesn't, she'll get one hit by corvus.

    Basically, your strategy is to hit him with your martial artist/gladiator/minstrel, heal with sage, and try your best to not heal with minstrel. If someone dies and you have to choose between revive or heal, heal. If you think you can revive, just defend with the hurt characters while you revive. Maybe use funeral fource on your sage because she won't attack physically, and it'll reduce the damage she takes from Corvus's dark lightning move in half.

    Good luck. Hope this helped.

    User Info: jujubeeza

    jujubeeza - 7 years ago 2 1
  2. To add on what these guys said above bring some Yggdrasil leaves with you and put them in your fastest chararcter's pocket. Or get four Yggdrasil leaves and put them in all of your character's pockets.

    User Info: randomdue927

    randomdue927 - 7 years ago 1 0
  3. How in the world did your minstrel reach lvl 60???? If you were able to grind so much, then your party really shouldn't be getting wiped out by his second form...

    Switch you Minstrel to Gladiator?
    Martial Artist to Paladin?
    Only attack with your main damage dealer when he reaches max psyche(if he/she has psyche and another character has egg on then please stack it like crazy) Change the weaker attacker to paladin and work on his shield skill and tree, make sure he learns forebearance. Get a falcon blade for gladiator. Grind your sage. Grind out any other weak nesses apparent. If your Sage doesn't have multiheal( haven't bothered unlocking sage, already beat corvus) then abandon that vocation and grind a Priest to lv38 at least. Good luck.

    User Info: CoolFightuh

    CoolFightuh - 7 years ago 1 0

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