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  1. Are my team stats good for fighting Estark Lv.99? Minstrel Lv.99+6,Str=650,Agi=999,Res=655,Deft=750,Charm=543,M Mend=552,M Might=488,HP=999,MP=395,Att=736,Def=938,Style=956.

    Sage Lv.99+2,Str=262,Agi=400,Res=406,Deft=157,Charm=277,M Mend=999,M Might=801,HP=763,MP=999,Att=342,Def=576,Style=637.

    Martial Artist Lv.99+2,Str=505,Agi=670,Res=425,Deft=393,Charm=140,HP=873, Mp=44,Att=723,Def=640,Style=530.

    Warrior Lv.99,Str=494,Agi=240,Res=580,Deft=211,Charm=119,HP=820, MP=146,Att=730,Def=819,Style=484.If you want to know my armour tell me,it's really good armour.

    User Info: DragooN_25

    DragooN_25 - 6 years ago
  2. Additional Details:
    I had Twocus Pocus, but I lost it.

    User Info: DragooN_25

    DragooN_25 - 6 years ago

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  1. It seems strange that you know how to farm seeds or cheat but you didn't get any strength ones, which are the easiest to get.

    Knight Watch is almost a necessity against these high level bosses, I suggest making the MA and/or Warrior a Paladin and bump up their strength, same with Minstrel if that's what you want to use (it looks like you've put most of your seeds there so might as well use it). Also give them 100 in fans if they don't have them already, to use the Dire Critical fan.

    If you're hiding behind Defending champion/Knight watch most of the time you won't necessarily need a priest, but if you aren't doing that then it's pretty much necessary, even Multiheal with 999 mending won't cut it.

    User Info: yab

    yab (Expert) - 6 years ago 1 0


  1. Your martial artist and sage will die. your warrior and minstrel is looking good, but a minstrel? without a good healer that can stay alive, your warrior would be the next to die. a lone minstrel will also die. strength should have been focused on more than the minstrel's agility, the quicker the boss dies is the more likely you will live <.< meteorite bracers and mercury prize make up for seed of agility and give a good speed boost over a lvl 99 Estark, so agility was unnecessary. M Mend and MP are also unnecessary if you had a priest with omniheal instead of the sage, and priests have more agility anyways. M Might won't be used unless you are trying to be flashy in Estark's defeat. Def is looking good on the minstrel and warrior, but again a minstrel? 2-3 minor tweaks: martial artist is good but gladiator is better, optional switch. might as well go for 2 glads if you do that and switch out the warrior too. priest>sage anytime for a healer. if your sage is there only for kazing then carry Yggdrasil leaves on a few characters. and finally, if you are adamant about using a minstrel, max out his/her attack stat. seed of strength is not hard to come by and you are pretty close anyways.

    User Info: bloodydarn

    bloodydarn - 6 years ago 0 0
  2. Yes, if you put in a paladin, you won't have to sacrifice the sage, for offensive magic usually right bypasses defense. If you have Twocus Pocus, you can cast Moreheal twice on your paladin to fully replenish him/her.

    User Info: CelestriaSlave

    CelestriaSlave - 6 years ago 0 0

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