Where can I get these? *Possible minor spoilers*

  1. I was surprised to find out that a slugly betsy can drop a nomadic deel. I thought you only got one of each vocational specific armour, like the deel, fencing jacket, etc. I sold a few I would never use, but I was thinking that maybe Id want them back. Can anyone tell me where I can find each of these pieces of armour? I know they are ridiculously hard drops, but still, thanks.
    All the armour except the Nomadic Deel, the sages robe, the mages one and the fencing jacket please.

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Accepted Answer

  1. Here's a list of the armour you get for the vocation quests, along with where you can get it if you lose your original. I've done the complete lot to make it useful for anyone else who comes by with this question. Note that I *haven't* included all of the vocation-specific items needed to get your character looking like the artwork, only the ones given out by the quests. Most of these monsters are Grotto-only.

    Warrior: Warrior's Armour (male) - dropped by Hammibal (Grotto boss)

    Priest: Ascetic Robe (male) - dropped by Wight Priest; Priestess Pinafore (female) - dropped by Wight King

    Mage: Fizzle-R*tardant Suit (male) - dropped by Python Priest; Fizzle-R*tardant Blouse (female) - dropped by Cobra Cardinal
    (yes, the board screens out the word "r*tard" with an e, even when it's in the context of fire-ret*rdant... oh dear).

    Martial Artist: Slick Slacks - UNIQUE (as far as I can see)

    Thief: Rogue Robe (male) - dropped by Widow's Pique; Roguess Robe (female) - dropped by Terror Troll

    Minstrel: Flamenco Shirt (male) , Dancer Dress (female) - both can be made with ALCHEMY:
    Flamenco shirt
    = Garish garb x 1 + Brighten rock x 3 + Technicolour dreamcloth x 1
    Dancer's dress
    = Dancers costume x 1 + Brighten rock x 3 + Technicolor dreamcloth x 1

    Gladiator: Tactical Vest (male) - dropped by Excalipurr (Grotto boss); Brawling Byrnie (female) - dropped by Void Droid

    Paladin: Holy Mail (male) - can be made with ALCHEMY; Holy Femail (female) - dropped by Wishmaster
    Holy mail
    = Chain mail x 1 + Holy talisman x 1 + Mythril ore x 1

    Armamentalist: Fencing Jacket (male) - steal from Excalipurr (Grotto boss); Fencing Frock (female) - dropped by Cannibelle (probably - Zaraf's Bestiary says Fencing ROCK, but I think that's a typo).

    Ranger: Nomadic Deel - Slugly Betsy (as you know)

    Sage: Sage's Robe - can be made by ALCHEMY
    Sage's robe = Saintly robe + Fizzle-proof suit + Thinkincense x3

    Luminary: Star's Suit - steal from Elusid (Grotto Boss)

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Other Answers

  1. Have you tried searching Zaraf's bestiary? If it's not in there, try Damage_dealer's walkthrough, there's a list of shops in there. If it's not there either, you probably won't get be able to get more.

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