How do I get high lvl grottos?

  1. I'm looking for a Moai Mistrels

    PS What do Moia Minstrels look like?

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    o2awesome - 7 years ago
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    @ Baratron 2nd is a broken link

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  1. Moai Minstrels are found in Rank D or C Grottos that are Caves or Water. So not *completely* random.

    You can figure out what kind of Grotto you have from the name at

    Generally speaking, if you complete a high level Grotto, you'll get another high level map. Read for details of how it's calculated.

    As for what Moai Minstrels look like, think Mad Moai/Mega Moai but insane colouring, like clowns.

    User Info: baratron

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  1. Fight more grotto bosses, hoimi table, quests that give out treasure maps. It's random dude.
    Think Moai....

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  2. You can get higher level maps by doing high level maps and by being high leveled.The higher level you are and the more you revocate the better maps you can get.

    User Info: albelclaw

    albelclaw - 6 years ago 1 0
  3. Adding to what i said, the map Silver Crypt of Bane Lv. 54 had them, so try a cave map with Silver in name and around 10 floors.

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  4. Well, firstly, the way I got high level grottoes was simply by doing grotto after grotto after grotto, each time they got gradually higher in level.

    Secondly, Moai Minstrels look like Mad Moai or Mega Moai only purple, with clown hair and make-up... 100% weird!

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  5. To be able to get better high level grottos you first of all need to beat a medium level grotto also if your hero is at a high level lets say 70-99 and has revocated a couple times then it considerably raises the chances of obtaining a high level grotto.

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  6. Revocate 5+ times with a level 99 and as soon as you get a water grotto you will have moai minstrels on either first or fifth floor. PS if you have a water grotto with moai mintrels, gigantes's, charmours and slugsy bettsies then you also have metal king slimes

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  7. The higher the levels of your party members the better (higher lvls) the maps will be and do not forget that the map your using effects this as well. It is a lot easier to get lvl 80 maps from a lvl 60 dungeon than it is a lvl 40 map.

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  8. the more levels you earn the higher level grottos you will find example, you get to lvl 30 on your minstrel and get a level 9 map, if you change your vocation to a lvl 1 vocation you would still get around lvl 9 from the boss, so get low level grottos while you can Hope That Helped

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