Know any strategies to defeating King Godwyn?

  1. I'm stuck on what i think is the last boss King Godwyn, but don't tell me if he is or not! I need a strategy or a guide to help me defeat him-
    My party:

    Lv 40s, Minstrel, Mage, Martial Artist, Warrior.

    Right now, l'm just focusing in earning money/exp. to train to level up as well as gain money to get better armor because i am stuck on this boss.

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    QuackOutLoud - 7 years ago
  2. Additional Details:
    Well, my mage is BASICALLY my priest, i use Caduceus, and since im a Minstrel, l can use Mid heal or Zing to revive,
    but i guess i can still train more.

    User Info: QuackOutLoud

    QuackOutLoud - 7 years ago

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  1. Well he is a magic heavy boss **POSSIBLE SPOILERS** (i dont know if you have reached his second form)
    If you know magic mirror, a shield move which deflects
    spells back at enemy caster, then use that right off the bat.
    Also, dont use spells, he has a good resistance to them. What I would do, and did, (I had a ranger, Priest, Warrior and MA), was use magic mirror, buff everyone as much as I could, and if you have the minstrel scroll, use that. I didnt, so if you do then your already ahead. Just talk to the ghost in alltrades for the quest. Really all I would suggest is keep tension up, buffs up, and generally stay on top of your health.
    I cant stress this last bit enough, you may think your ok to skip a turn of healing, but he might get a lucky critical or double attack you, and if your Priest goes down, its lights out. If you find that you last long but dont win, just train up a bit more, theres no shame in it.

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  1. Well you'll need a priest. I used the same as you but a priest instead of a MA.

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  2. Yeah I have a little higher than that
    -Minstrel (lvl 44)
    -Warrior (lvl 43)
    -Thief (lvl 43)
    -Martial Artist (lvl 43)

    I hae the minstrel scroll and i used it and i was sooooooooo close, and then (this was the second form btw) he took that Zammle thing i think its called and killed almost all of my party, so I used zing and the stupid dragon or whatever he was just kept hitting me with those fireballs and i was so angry lol but I defeated him so i'm alright now :D

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  3. I use dont use mp for the first form.
    Then I go on show no mercy.

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  4. the first form of king godwyn was pretty easy but i highly recommend a priest. get him to level 38 and learn multiheal

    i beat his second form with:
    lv.59 Ben-minstrel-uber miracle sword,dragon warrior helm,gauntlets,boots,pants+sacred armour+white knight shield+life bracer

    lv.47Alyssia-warrior-dragon slayer,gigasteel helm,iron gauntlets,steel pants,boots+ethereal armour+dark shield+agility ring

    lv.43Leo-priest-brouhaha boomstick,red tights,magic mittens,leather shoes+magical robes+enchanted shield+tough guy tattoo

    lv.43Eragon-ice axe,thugs mug,iron gauntlets,iron pants,iron boots+spiked armour+agility ring

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  5. I don"t mean to brag but I just beat him in his second form with my paladin (lvl 37 hammer) mage (lvl 38), priest (lvl 40 staves) and martial artist (lvl 41 fisticuffs). All it took were a few stat boosts like kabuff, oomph and magic barrier and some psyche ups and he was done like dinner. Just have to avoid the disruptive wave cycles

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  6. Turn your mage into a sage or whatever in his palace then train on liquid metal slimes

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  7. My team:
    Paladin (Me) Lvl 46- Uber Miracle Sword, Silver Shield, Mythril Coif, Catoptric Armor, Gigasteel Gauntlets, Chainmail Socks, Gigasteel Sabatons.

    Gladiator Lvl 45- Inferno Blade

    Priest Lvl 43- Slumber Stick

    Mage Lvl 44- Brouhaha Boomstick

    I could almost solo him with my Paladin alone, if he didn't use magic.

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