I cant beat the Shogum...help?

  1. i have these:
    -MC (main character) lvl 34
    -Mage lvl 33
    -Thief lvl 33
    -Warrior lvl 34
    and i cant seem to beat the Shogum boss in the level 10 grotto D:

    what should i do?
    im using:
    Uber Falcon Blade
    DragonTail Whip
    Falcon Knife Earring
    please help!! i really want to beat the Shogum (im training to beat Hooting-ham Gore)

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    i_like_poop - 6 years ago
  2. Additional Details:
    NOTE* my MC is a Minestral!!

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    i_like_poop - 6 years ago
  3. Additional Details:
    i am know Level 42 and the rest is 41 (except Roxas)
    Roxas WAS my warrior and now is my Paladin :/ and i am up to King Godwyn :P
    so should i be bale to kill it?

    User Info: i_like_poop

    i_like_poop - 6 years ago

Accepted Answer

  1. Sorry, i tried most of the suggestions you gave me, but i ended up killing it :D
    with my own stuff.

    thank you for the help tho

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    i_like_poop - 6 years ago 0 0

Other Answers

  1. Does your Minstrel have Egg On? If so, I would use Egg On for a few turns, then have the Warrior use either Falcon Slash or Multithrust (depending on if you give him the sword or the spear, I'd recommend sword personally). He's also normally affected by most types of magic (he's 2x weak to dark, but you wouldn't have the right spells), so hit him with your strongest magic, preferably with Magic Might boosting equipment on your Mage.

    User Info: Pokegirl

    Pokegirl (Expert) - 6 years ago 0 0
  2. I would suggest changing the warrior to a gladiator. This will make the character stronger and do more damage. In my opinion thieves aren't very useful as far as combat is concerned, so i would suggest changing it's vocation to either a priest or sage. Having a priest or sage will make healing the party a lot easier than using a minstrel's abilities. Lastly i would recommend that you switch your MC to either a gladiator, martial artist, or paladin. Gladiators and Martial artists are good to be because they hit their opponents hard, and the Martial artist's agility is nice also. A paladin is worthwhile to have because they have high resilience and can defend others in your party.

    User Info: PokemonVeteran

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  3. The class of your characters doesn't matter so much as your level. I beat the Shogum with my main character about the same level as you, but I had a couple characters in my party above level 50. Take a priest who knows Multi-heal and full heal and several characters with Zing. Then heal, heal, heal! It's pretty much a slug fest. It also helps to have a character who knows Kabuff, and it makes a difference if you keep your party buffed up. The Shogum does a lot less damage that way. Use any defensive abilities, keep your party alive and healthy, and then it's just a slugfest.

    User Info: fatpiecat2

    fatpiecat2 - 6 years ago 1 0
  4. I agree with fatpiecat2 - Multiheal and Zing are absolutely essential. You should have Zing on more than one character and ideally have Yggdrasil leaves carried by everyone. I like the Shield ability Immense Defense for reducing the effect of physical attacks (level 32 Shield), and give the Shield scroll Secrets of the Shield to my weakest character. I've recently started putting a Life Bracer on my weakest character too, and that makes a *huge* amount of difference.

    In addition to levelling up, you will be helped greatly by the Minstrel's Manual which gives Gritty Ditty ability. As you're now over level 40, you can do the quest to get it.

    Apart from that, my only advice is that if Shogum summons a King Cureslime, you need to take it out INSTANTLY. If your team isn't high enough level to be able to kill the King Cureslime before it heals Shogum, then all of your attacks before that will have been wasted.

    Shogum, by the way, is one of the grotto bosses who seems IMPOSSIBLE the first time you try him - then remarkably easy later.

    User Info: baratron

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  5. I would say at your new levels, it's all entirely dependent on your equipment and your skills rather than your classes. But, you do seem to not have any characters with access to Multiheal or Zing (as baratron and fatpiecat2 have both stated) so you must change one of your characters into a Priest or a Sage.

    At any rate, if Shogum is still give you trouble I can recommend making all of your characters Paladins and then training them until they reach around level 40 to get 100 skill points to max the Paladin tree for bonus Resilience and Max HP. Then, train them to level 40 as either Gladiators and/or Warriors to get a bonus to your Strength and Max HP. By that point, you should also be doing the quests for those respective classes to unlock new class exclusive armors. (If you're up to King Godwyn in the storyline, these will be some of your strongest torso equipments available to you at this time.) I would also strongly recommend getting someone at level 40 in all classes (not the same person, just that someone has reached level 40 in that class) to unlock all of the vocational quests. This grants you access not only to more powerful equipment, but also to the quite potent vocation scrolls. The most important scrolls for you should be the Minstrel, the Gladiator, the Sage, and the Armentalist. Theses abilities (refer to the guides here on DQ IX) should also help turn the tide.

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  6. Regarding King Cureslimes (This is the BEST method):

    Since you have a Mage in your party, make sure he/she has a wand equipped and knows the skill "Antimagic."

    As soon as the King Cureslime is summoned, cast Antimagic on it; it may take more than one try, but it will work. Then, just leave the King Cureslime alone (except for occasionally recasting Antimagic every few turns to ensure that it doesn't wear off).

    Once you've prevented it from casting spells, you can cast Snooze on it if you find it's doing too much damage to your party. Just DO NOT KILL IT. If you repeatedly kill the King Cureslimes as soon as they appear, you'll spend more time fighting them instead of focusing on Shogum, which in turn gives Shogum more time to attack your party. This is why I highly suggest using Antimagic (or Fizzle, if someone in your team has it) on the King Cureslime.

    Regarding Shogum - There are several ways you can go about making the battle easier:

    *Have your Mage cast Oomph on the character equipped with the Uber-Falcon blade, and then have that character use Falcon Slash to get 4 hits in on Shogum. Then have your Mage cast Oomph on all of your other party members, and use attacks that hit multiple times (like Multithrust).

    *As others have said, having a Priest in your party with Multiheal (for Shogum's AoE attacks) and Zing is almost essential.

    *If you haven't already, complete Quest 70 (found at Swinedimples, once your Wand is lvl 100) to receive "Wands and Beyond." This scrolls lets Wand users cast Zing Stick. This way, you can have two people in your party with Zing, just in case your Priest gets taken out.

    *If you have a Paladin in your party, you can level that character up enough so that they learn Kabuff. Even though Shogum casts a spell that wipes out any buffs your party may have, it's worth the time to cast Kabuff twice (which should prevent critical hits that may take out a character) and recast it once it wears off or Shogum casts Disruptive Wave.

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