Can anyone give me a list or something to rare items that are hard to obtain?

  1. I'd like this list in case i use a hard to get/impossible to get item
    in Alchemy.

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  1. I worried about this too - there isn't an explicit list of rare items in any of the FAQs, as yet. But it turns out that there are very few items that you can use in alchemy that can be "lost", and even then it's a case of not being able to get another one for ages, rather than not being able to get another one AT ALL.

    All of the items that are actually unique get made into better items by alchemy, so their loss isn't a problem. For example, the Rusty items don't appear to be dropped by anything in the Bestiary, or mentioned as Grotto box items. However, alchemising them makes a better item in all cases.

    There are a few other items used in early alchemy recipes that are rare:

    Ultramarine Mittens, Silver Platters and Sorceror's Stones are NOT unique (you can get them in Grotto chests), but you only get one in the game easily. So you should think carefully about whether you want to make the items that use them. You *do* get a second Utility Belt, so don't waste the one you make in alchemy until you have the second one.

    The Unhappy Hat is almost unique (you can get it in a high-level Grotto chest), but you can safely use the one you get in the game as it makes a better item.

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  1. There's faqs for this

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