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  1. Once I got access to job changing, I got completely lost. especially the fact that when you change to a new job, your at lv 1 again.
    Am I supposed to stick with the same jobs throughout the entire game, or try to grind new jobs from lv 1?

    User Info: matt2325

    matt2325 - 6 years ago

Accepted Answer

  1. I personally think it's a good idea to change vocation a few times. Remember that levelling up the second time is much quicker, as you should have much more powerful weapons and better armour available. Even though you start again at level 1, on your first vocation change you can go straight to the monsters around Stornway because you're tougher than you were before.

    There are certain abilities that it's useful to have on multiple characters. Abilities are kept when you change vocation, so it's a useful way to gain permanent stat boosts. Now I've levelled up each of the 4 characters in around 6 vocations each, so when I start at level 1 again, I'm still able to fight monsters round Upover. It's especially easy to level up quickly if you only change one of your characters, allowing others to protect them with Whipping Boy.

    I personally have the following abilities on all 4 of my characters:
    Wizard Ward - level 8 Spellcraft (Mage)
    Focus Pocus - level 46 Spellcraft (Mage)
    War Cry - level 4 Focus (Martial Artist)
    Psyche Up - level 16 Focus (Martial Artist)
    Half-Inch - level 10 Acquisitiveness (Thief)
    HP+10 - level 4 Guts (Gladiator)
    HP+20 - level 31 Guts (Gladiator)
    HP+30 - level 42 Focus (Martial Artist)
    HP+20 - level 32 Acquisitiveness (Thief)
    MP+10 - level 38 Spellcraft (Mage)

    I'm told it's a good idea to get all your characters to level 100 of Virtue (Paladin), as that gives a whopping boost of 80 to HP.

    User Info: baratron

    baratron (Expert) - 6 years ago 1 0

Other Answers

  1. Its pretty much your choice. Because later on in the game your going to have access to much more advanced jobs than the ones you have now. But in order to do those jobs you need certain skills from the basic jobs. What I did, personally, was train my starting jobs until I got to Alltrades Abbey. Then I did those quests and I switched jobs to Armamentalist, Paladin, etc., and I trained those guys. Although it takes more patience to grind advanced jobs from lvl 1 I think its worth it when you are strong enough.

    User Info: Emilux

    Emilux - 6 years ago 1 0

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