How to get The Mage Knight Vocation?

  1. I've already read the same type of this question in other place, but it stil not clear how to get it!!
    Which Quest is the one to get this classes?

    Thx btw.

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  1. It's quest 109. Note that Mage Knight is called Armamentalist in the English version, that might help your search.

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  1. To elaborate: The Mage Knight vocation can be obtained from a Quest in Alltrades Abbey. There's a guy dressed in red, that stands near the stairs, and asks you to complete his quest to become a Mage Knight (aka and Armamentalist). When you accept the quest, you must 1. perform wizard ward, 2. defeat two metal slimes (not at the same time, though), and 3. be the one to finish off each metal slime while under the effects of Wizard Ward. I recommend using Mercurial Thrust (Spear Skill ability), or do Metal Slash (Sword Skill ability) with a Falcon Blade.

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  2. To get the Aramentalist job, you have to have already defeated the Master of Nu'Un. After completeing that, go back to Alltrades Abbey. Go inside and walk to the person who looks like a Red Mage from FF series. Talk to him and he will tell you that you need to erect a Wizard Ward before finishing off 2 Metal Slimes. But the person casting the Wizard Ward has to finish them off. Now, the only place to go to find Metal Slimes at the moment is the Quantomb. Just zoom to Coffinwell and go to the Quarrantomb. Metal Slimes are hard to find and are very timid so this will be difficult. My recommendation is to have the Minstrel Defend, The Martial Artist to use Flailing Nails and hope you get 3 hits. The Mage uses Wizard Ward as instructed. and have the Priest(is used) attack if for some reason it hasn't taken 3 damage already. If the slime doesn't flee, you can have hope for a successful attack.
    Let everyone else defend and let the mage attack. If it's successful, you have 1 down! If it fails, keep trying! If you accidently kill the Slime, well good for you, you get over 1,000 EXP. Once finished, zoom back to Windy complete the quest. You can now chage to the Aramentalist Vocation! Aramentalists use Bows, Swords, Staffs, and Shields and they gain Fource abilities too. If you get this before the Tyrantula fight, it will be of good use to you. Since Aramentalist is an advanced vocation, the(used to be) Mage will have more power. Changing vocations doesn't get rid of your progress on the previous vocation, so if you wanna go back to Mage, you can go back at any time! I hope this helps!

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