Quest 109 Metal Slime Issue, Help?

  1. I'm doing Quest 109: Elementary Training. and no matter how i go about it, the slime flees before i can kill it.

    the guy says to erect a wizard Ward before killing a metal slime with the same person who erects it. but when i attack the slime he flees first chance afterward.

    Solutions or Ideas?

    User Info: Sado_Invaldi

    Sado_Invaldi - 6 years ago

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  1. This quest does call for a bit of Trial and Error, but it's not that hard if you prepare for it well enough. Of course, Metal Slimes (if you haven't beaten the main story yet) are only found in the Quarantomb (assuming you don't have a grotto map that contains them). Metal Slimes usually have 3 or 4 Hit Points, so keep that in mind when you start fighting one.

    What you'll need:
    Your character who knows Wizard Ward
    One or two characters who you know can kill/seriously damage metal creatures
    One or two characters who know the spell Accelerate

    What to do:
    In the first round of battle, have your metal killers damage the Metal Slime by three Hit Points. This will either kill the Metal Slime or leave them with one Hit Point. Have your Acceleraters cast Accelerate on your Wizard Warder to attempt to get them to go before the Metal Slime next round. And, finally, have your Wizard Warder cast Wizard Ward.
    In the second round of battle, if the Metal Slime doesn't run and/or your metal killers didn't accidentally kill it last round, have your metal killers and Acceleraters defend or cast War Cry/Pratfall/etc. Metal creatures are fairly immune to being stunned, but sometimes you get lucky. And, finally, have your Wizard Warder attack and kill the Metal Slime.

    In order to complete this quest, you'll have to do this twice. So, you'll probably fail a couple of times before you get the two kills you need. Just don't get discouraged.

    Something else to keep in mind:
    Just because your Wizard Warder needs to cast Wizard Ward doesn't mean they have to be a MAGE when they do it. It only takes 8 Skill Points to learn Wizard Ward, so I would recommend that you have one of your metal killers change vocations to Mage, gain a couple levels to learn Wizard Ward, then change vocations back to their original class. This way, you know that your Wizard Warder definitely has what it takes to A) go before the Metal Slime in round 2, and B) deal decent damage to the Metal Slime to ensure that they definitely kill it when it's their turn. If you do this, and follow my above strategy, you'll finish this quest in no time at all.

    Good luck!

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  1. A strategy i used for a quest similar to this one ( i didn't complete this one though )
    was i used War Cry, to scare the enemy, and thus, making the enemy unable to flee or do anything.
    Spam this move with one of your characters ( l recommend two, just in case that one character doesn't scare your enemy ) , while you do what you have to do.

    Hope this helps.

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  2. A method I used was I made everyone a Mage or some other class that was Level 1, and got the 8 skill points for Wizard Ward. Then I made everyone (who didn't have Knife Mastered) a Thief got them to about level 10ish and put Agility Rings and Poison Needles on all of them. When I fought the Metal Slimes, everyone on Round 1 would cast Wizard Ward. Round 2, Everyone attacked (regular attack). At the minimum only 3 people needed to hit (since the Poison Needle does ONLY 1 damage to any creature or instantly kills it if it is not immune to instant death), at worst it took 4 hits, with an average of 2 hits per round.

    With the lower level characters the metal slime is less likely to flee, but the second it takes a couple damage that chance sky rockets, so its kind of important to get it dead in one round. Also, if you are far enough along and someone is Mastering or Mastered Knives, give them the Falcon Knife Earrings and use Assassin's Stab, this gives that character two attacks with a greater chance of getting some good results (either of the two hits can possibly do Instant Death, or either one of them could be a Critical Hit which ignores Defense causing most of the metal slimes that you encounter before you beat the game to die. At the worst, it gives them two attacks to try and cause 1 damage to it, maybe 2).

    Hope this helps, and yes it is going to take a few attempts to get a system down. I think when I did this quest it took me almost 15 encounters.

    User Info: Derak_Necron

    Derak_Necron (Expert) - 6 years ago 1 0

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