Whats the town of the 7 fyggs?

  1. I have 6 fyggs but can't seem to find a new town to get a fyygg at and can't remember if I missed one so just wanted to know which towns you get the 7 fyggs from?

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    Towns i mean lol

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    leisiurboy08, you should have made a new question rather than try to find your answer here.

    Regardless, after you get the ship in Bloomingdale, you can sail North-by-Northeast from the port to get to Gleeba. It is a big desert island with two smaller islands on either side of it. To land your ship there, just "ram" into the land and you will exit the ship.

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    Tekkaman_James - 5 years ago

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  1. Town 1: Alltrades Abbey
    2: Porth Llaffan
    3: Bloomingdale
    4: Zere Rocks
    5. Gleeba
    6. Batsureg
    7. Swinedimples Academy

    Most of the people miss Zere Rocks. Zere Rocks is located in the Heights of Loneliness. You can get there by either Dourbridge or Bloomingdale. I ranked those by how I got them and the regular rank. Swinedimples obviously being the hardest, and Alltrade Abbey being the easiest.
    You can get all the fyggs in any order you like, just as long as you get all 7. Without them, you can't progress the story.

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  1. Well,you can do them in different orders,so not sure what town you mean..the towns i remember where i got my lasts fyggs are gleeba, batsureg and swinedimples acedemy.

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  2. The town that most people seem to miss (myself included) is Zere Rocks in the Heights of Loneliness. It's in between Dourbridge and Bloomingdale.

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  3. The 7 towns are
    1. Alltrades Abbey
    2. Porth Llaffan
    3. Bloomingdale
    4. Zere Rocks
    5. Gleeba
    6. Batesburg
    7. Swindimples Academy

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  4. Where is Gleeba?

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