How do I beat trauminator?

  1. any tips on beating him? I encountered him in a level 26 grotto with a level 44 armamentalist, a level 46 warrior, a level 34 martial artist, and a level 19 sage who had just learned zing and he pretty much mopped the floor with me.

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  1. Having Multi-Heal is almost essential for this fight, since he has 3 different attacks that target all of your team. So leveling your sage up until he has Multi-Heal or switching to a Priest that has it already would help a lot.

    Buff/Kabuff doesn't seem to reduce the damage from any of his team attacks so don't waste your time casting these.

    Take ample advantage of his elemental resistances, which is weak to Lightning (+50% damage) and Neutral to the rest. The "Boom" line of spells are also Lightning in damage for Magical Attacks.

    With all of that in mind, here is a standard plan of attack (everything inside parenthesis will be for you specifically in this list):
    -Psyche Up your main attacker(s) while you buff them, if you want to spend an extra turn use "Feel the Burn" skill on the very first round so you get Tension when they are hit (Warrior and Martial Artist should Psyche Up)
    -Buff your Attackers with Oomph/Gritty Ditty (If you have the Minstrel Scroll, put it on your Armentalist and use it twice, otherwise Oomph your Warrior/Martial Artist)
    -Buff your Attackers with Gale Fource, that do not have Lightning-based weapons (Hopefully, you have the Armentalist Scroll, so Gale Fource hits your whole team in one turn, if not focus on your Warrior/Martial Artist)
    -Your Healer should use "Right as Rain" the first turn, which will heal everyone for about 30hp at the end of the turn, then if no one is hurt too badly use "Care Prayer" to increase Magical Mending (Your Sage should Right as Rain since putting all points into its skill leads to 25% MP reduction, hopefully your Sage was also your healer previously and was a Priest with points in its skill, if not Caster Sugar works too... just needs two casts to be as good)
    -Healer should be healing anyone under 200ish HP when s/he is not using Multi-Heal (Healing will almost exclusively been done with Multi-Heal since its just a little weaker then More Heal. so make sure to have Sage/Elfin elixirs on all your characters for longer fights)
    -When you first attack, use Attack if the Main Attackers usually go back to back, otherwise use your best attack that is NOT an All-or-Nothing Attack, also having the Gladiator Scroll for an extra hit is wise, the more hits the better when you have Tension built up.
    -If your third character isn't buffing/rebuffing they should be Attacking with your Main attackers to add combo damage. (If you had the Minstrel and Armentalist Scroll, your Armentalist should be fully buffed so Attacking will be more helpful then just a combo-linker)
    -Pack at least one or two Yggadrasil leaves on ALL your characters these will save your butt.

    So if all goes smoothly, and you have the appropriate Scrolls, by round 3 all of your Team should have Attack maxed and Gale Fource on them (if not you are looking at Round 4 for having two attackers Oomphed and Gale Fourced). If you've only been using Psyche Up that person should be at 50 tension, if you went with Feel the Burn you will have 20 Tension at the very least (possibly maxed). Round 4 (or 5 if you had to single target buff) Attack with your Main attackers, buffer and if everyone has more than 200ish hp your Healer (this is preferred since having just one of your Main attackers Attack second adds 20% more damage to every Tension buffed hit) With luck, you may have killed it (at 4000hp don't count on it unless your packing Falcon Blades or Falcon Knives on both your Warrior and Martial Artist) if not you did a substantial amount of damage, just keep your attackers using their strongest attack stopping only to emergency heal/revive someone, DO NOT psyche up again unless that character dies and needs Rebuffing.

    If he is still spanking you really bad level up some (possibly switch vocations to pick up stat boosts and skills from other classes as well, specifically what you need that I listed above, the essentials are: Psyche Up, Care Prayer, Right as Rain, and Gale Fource. Every character should have Shield mastered, if not get it ASAP)

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  1. I'd recommend a Lv. 38+ Priest instead of the Sage. Spam Multiheal everyturn and you win.

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  2. I Have my Martial Artist wear claws and use the move Can Opener. At Super High Tension she does 2000 damage in one hit.

    my Minstrel/ (now Luminary) use a move called gritty ditty (x2) with Super High Tension there is a lot more damage. but that's me :)

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  3. he is weak to explosion type attacks. Having an armamentalist with gale force could be useful. I found him fairly easy, Boom spells are fairly effective, but not necessary. I agree with the other people trying to help, that maybe changing a character into a priest would be useful. (But only if higher leveled than the sage)

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