Where can I find (all 7 Fyggs)?

  1. I've got 6. I cant find the 7th. The last boss i beat was the headmaster from swindles academy. I've been to another town but nobody will talk to me and im figuring I've missed a fygg somewhere.

    User Info: Bobbybig2004

    Bobbybig2004 - 6 years ago
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    Hello Luiman, thanks for the reply, I've been to Zere rocks, I've reached the heights of Loneliness level 7 with the whole tony froze in stone, I've been to the house right of the tree, a cut scene happened with 2 people, but when i leave there was no boss fight. I'll follow them instructions precisely though thanks.

    User Info: Bobbybig2004

    Bobbybig2004 - 6 years ago

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  1. the places are; alltrades abbey (on newid isle), porth laffan(on newid isle), zere rocks(east from dourbridge), bloomingdale(the actual fygg is at the bad cave north of bloomingdale), gleeba(north and slightly east of dourbridge), batsureg(north west from gleeba), and swinedimples( east of batsureg). Hope i helped. :)

    User Info: Hazzathedestroy

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  1. Have you gotten the one from Zere Rock? If not the zoom to dourbridge and go through it's eastern exit. Follow the river until it stops then head north. You'll arrive at a cabin, from there exit through the north. Then enter the cave and climb the mountain to the top enter the house on right side of the tree(you have to go around the tree) then leave and you'll fight the boss. Don't enter the house if you're not ready for a boss fight because as soon as you exit the house the fight begins.

    User Info: Luiman04

    Luiman04 (Expert) - 6 years ago 1 1
  2. If you've been into the house and talked to the slime, go outside and go into the basement on the right side of the house. Go back out and kill Garth Goyal.You shood obtain the 7Th Fygg.Stella will say that 7 is enough to go back to the Oberbertrey.Go to the abbey and call the Starflight.In the following scene say yes.I did and...well you'll have to find out for you'r self!!! *Spoilers!*

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  3. You have to go to the Most eastern house and talk to the slime. When you exit you should face Garth Goyle.

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