How do you make Edrick's Items?

  1. I just need to know where to get the ingreadients.

    User Info: Deefrenzy41

    Deefrenzy41 - 6 years ago

Accepted Answer

  1. Glass Frits : southwest gleeba (small patch) and wyrming
    Orichalcum : Observatory, 15 mini medal (after you plunder 80 first)

    rusty sword : realm of almighty
    rusty helm : 62 mini medal
    rusty shield : quest 49 (post game), Zere (little boy near bridge)
    rusty gauntlets : quest 177 (grave inside brigadoom)
    rusty armour : quest 178 (cave in wyrmtail, post game, need starflight express)

    User Info: pitiex

    pitiex - 6 years ago 0 0

Other Answers

  1. ok its a long gruling prosess if its not post game. the rusty sword is found in a chest to the leftof the giant circle in the relm of the mighty is you do not kno where the circle go to an outside area of the relm of the mighty and look at your map. the rusty helm can also be obtaind before you beat corvos just bring 62 mini metals to capin' medlin'. the recipies for the edricks kit is all the same. the rusty item first 9 glass frits second and then orachilium or how ever you spell it its the blue metel that cost 5000 to sell and you cant buy it. you can obtain along the main story in an area i forgoten but i do belive you can only obtain one befpre post game play. after you beat the game and begin post game play the O metel is somewhat easier to find it can be obtaind in the tower if nod in a chest and it can be obtaind in the lonely coast cave where you buy the crono crystal. but be aware that is after you get a friend to jurney with you. the sheild is the quest in zere rocks post game the armour has not come out yet and neither has the gloves. the glass fritts can be found in the gleeban empire and in wyrmwing along the cost

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