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  1. What is Deftness,Resilience,Magical Might and Magical Mending

    User Info: DarkDragonSpyro

    DarkDragonSpyro - 6 years ago

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  1. Since some of these are not specific, listen and become informed!

    Deftness counts for how often you pull off critical hits, engaging the enemy and they are frozen in shock or don't know you are there, odds of stealing, and accuracy of all physical attacks. ...this can sometimes seem useless, but physical accuracy is a must at the end of the game and beyond.

    Resilience points are your defense points, the higher they are, the less damage you receive from attacks.
    PLEASE NOTE! Resilience points may reduce damage, but spells and breath attacks (like hellfire breath) have their own parameters and still do a minimum. For example: the spell kafrizzle will ALWAYS do more than 100 points unless you have special equipment that focuses on reducing spell damage.

    Magical Might helps determine how much damage your offensive spells do, the higher it is ], the more damage you do! PLEASE NOTE! The enemies at the end of the game and beyond have elemental resistance so some spells will still do little damage no matter how high you might is! The only spell that is not elemental and will still do full damage are the "bang", "boom", "kaboom", "kaboomble" line of spells.

    Magical Mending is how much you heal with your healing spells. The higher it is the more you heal.
    WATCH IT! Some spells have a peak amount of healing points! For example, "heal" will never heal 100 points of HP. ALSO NOTE that spells "fullheal" and "omniheal" (is very expensive 128 mp points to cast!) do not use Magical Mending points to heal. Magical Mending points are most of the time for "Midheal", "Moreheal", and ABOVE ALL "Multiheal".

    User Info: Immature_Sage

    Immature_Sage (Expert) - 6 years ago 1 0

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