Revocating question?

  1. How many times do I have to revocate to make this team's skill points max?

    Martial Artist

    Also, what do it mean by you carry skill points from one class to another? Example?

    User Info: dela_Cruz18

    dela_Cruz18 - 6 years ago

Accepted Answer

  1. Well, if you only want to max those 4 classes, then technically, 0. You can switch into another class to earn skill points in it, then switch back and spend them in those classes. A level 99 character has gotten a total of 200 skill points, though you'll have more than 100 of them by level 38.

    I'm going to assume that is also tying in to your carrying skill points over- skill points are awarded to the character, not the class. For instance, if I got a mage up to level 38, I could choose to not spend any of the 102 skill points in mage. If I switched to, say, priest, I still have 102 skill points that can be spent.

    Now, if you really do not want to play the change class game AT ALL, if you want to get one of your characters maxed in any one of those, it would take 2 revocations, then level 38. If you're referring to maxing all 4 of those trees on 1 character, it will take 1400 skill points total (4x class specific, plus 10 weapons: Axe, Fisticuffs, Hammer, Sword, Claw, Fans, Staff, Shield, Spear, and Wand). Getting the 4 classes to 99 leaves you with a deficit of 600; the easiest way to do that is taking 6 of the other 8 classes to level 38, or, again, if you're not playing around with the others, a total of 3 revocations after maxing the 4 base classes.

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    dunno001 (Expert) - 6 years ago 1 0

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