Ice Axe + Fource = Always frostdmg?

  1. So i was doing the armamentalist quest and even though i was getting credit, i couldn't help but notice that even if i used a fource on a char with an ice axe... in the end it always did frost dmg? At least that's what it seemed like.... so does this mean that fource has no effect on a char with the ice axe OFFENSIVELY? so if i wanna use fource vs a boss, i should use a diff axe?

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    IxAramailxI - 6 years ago
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    For example, when i used fire fource dmg on the white trigateur, i was doing even lower dmg than normal, the only explanation was because i had an ice axe and it was an ice monster. when i used fire force on a fire creature, i did the extra damage (because ice > fire) when i used wind fource vs cumulous vex or whatever... i did my normal dmg... so i figured that the type of axe always out does what fource you have on.

    User Info: IxAramailxI

    IxAramailxI - 6 years ago

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  1. I read this and wanted to know this myself. So, I equipped my Ice Axe and went to Snowberia, and fought a large group of Shivery Shrubberies (Resistances: Ice 50 (half base damage) Fire 150 (Base damage + 50%, Wind/Lightning 100 (No modification)

    It turned out that on average I would do approximately 85 damage with the Ice Axe alone (404 atk, for reference), when I applied Fire Fource to that character the damage went up to approximately 290 per hit.

    Just to be sure that the Fire fource is "replacing" the Ice Axe's natural Ice damage, I got into a second fight with Shivery Shrubberies (mostly because I am too impatient to wait for the first fource to wear off) and applied Gale Fource (Applies both Wind and Lightning which are neutral) and the damage came out to approximately 200.

    So it appears that Fource buffs replace the weapons natural elemental affinity until the buff wears off, then the weapon would revert back to its natural affinity. So, as long as you are Fource buffing your team, you can use the strongest weapon you own and still inflict the maximum amount of damage it is capable of.

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  1. If you were using Fire Fource, then the dmg would be fire dmg, but if you're using Frost Fourse the dmg will be frost dmg. If the frost axe is the toughest axe you have, then I'd say use it against the boss using Frost Fource if you want to up the dmg (I donno by how much).

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