How can i find Legacy Boss maps?

  1. Any one know names and places to get their maps?
    i know Malroth and you get him from the peddler on the lonely coast.
    and Baramos you get from the Skeleton on the island north of swine dimples.
    any others?

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    ViridianS1 - 7 years ago

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  1. a few of them are random drops from other legacy bosses (that are leveled up to a certain level, may vary per boss)

    also, some are from quests, go to the quest FAQ to find which quests (could probably just use the find function and look for "map" and just pan through the faq instead of reading every quest).

    Finally, I've heard that some official events hand out maps. Never been to an event, so couldn't say 100% on this subject. Availability of those maps may be limited to event attendance and Tagging someone with it from Questers Rest. Again, I stress that I can neither fully confirm or deny Event map details.

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  1. Just do quests.Some quest have the as rewards, just play through the game and they'll present themselves over time.

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  2. I think all you have to do is beat the same grotto over and over again. They give you random maps each time, so just hope you get lucky.

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  3. Well, i have just killed a grotto boss and i got a map 4 a prize. go to zere rocks and you will see a man in green lying on the floor. talk to him, give him a special medicine, and he will give you a map. go west of stornway and you will find a grotto. kill the boss in there and you will get another map. continue until you get a legacy boss grotto. hope this helps you!

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  4. Baramos, Malroth, Mortamor, Estark, Zoma, Nokturnus, Orgodemir, and Rhapthorne are rewards from DLC quests (requiring DQVC, many of these are not yet available). Search the quest guide for "map" to find the quests that reward these.

    Dragonlord's map is dropped by Greygnarl 5% of the time. This is not the Greygnarl from the story, this is the strongest of the grotto bosses.

    Some Legacy Maps are dropped by other Legacy bosses:
    The likelihood of getting the next map increases with the level of the Legacy boss. For example, if you beat a lv30 Baramos, there is a 15% chance he'll drop Murdaw's map.
    Lv0-15 = 0%
    Lv16-25 = 10%
    Lv26-40 = 15%
    Lv41-56 = 20%
    Lv57-68 = 25%
    Lv69-80 = 30%
    Lv81-90 = 35%
    Lv91-99 = 40%

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  5. You know that plateau to the south-east of Upover? A skeleton in the cave will ask you to fetch his Grundies from a cumulus hex while it's affected by a Pratfall. give them back to him and he'll give you the map to Rhapthorne.

    In the same place as the person for "Pushy Peddler" asked you(lonely coast) talk to the sheep(#184: Bleats Me). i believe if you have sufficient Ranger leveling you can understand what it's saying. Either way, it wants a Venus' Tear. You can get one from completing this quest in the plateau by the Bowhole. You have to give this lady some metal slime sollerets. The sheep will exchange the Venus' Tear for the Nokturnus Map. Note: This is the ABSOLUTE LAST QUEST. you won't get it for a good long while.

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  6. You can get Baramos' map from a skeleton that gives you a quest in a cave on the island in the top right corner of the map. Kill him a few times, and it just keeps gong from there from there, in the same way you'll never run out of unfinished grotto maps. It just takes a while, as it's not garuanteed you'll get another Legacy Map.

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