How do I get as much orbs as possible?

  1. I have several Legacy Boss Maps and already got a few orbs. I want more of these orbs. Do I need to give the bosses the skillpoints so they get higher in level and drop these orbs more easily? Or is it better to beat the bosses at lower levels (around level 20-30), keep the points for myself and keep beating them until they drop the orbs?

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    twickx - 6 years ago

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  1. Well, the higher the level of the boss, the more likely it is to drop orbs. I would personally get it up a fair enough way so that orbs dropping is more common, but not so high that you are struggling to defeat it. You need to have a balance of level so that orbs DO drop at all, but not TOO high or you won't be able to defeat it- if you can't defeat it, you can't get its orbs.

    I hope my answer helps :).

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  1. There are three (3) ways to go about orb hunting.

    1) You level up each of the legacy bosses and battle them continuously for the orbs... that takes forever, so consider the following two (2).

    2) Get yourself a cheating device (like an Action Replay) in order to boost the drop rate to 100%.
    Not a cheater? Well consider the first and third options.

    3) Go online and look for something called the "Hoimi" cheat. OK, listen to how this works. This is not a cheat, it is a combination of movements and actions you perform within the game that affect the drop rate of the rares item the Legacy Boss has, in all their cases it is the orb. For example, the direction you are facing in the game when you speak to the boss is one of the final steps of the "hoimi" cheat.

    This type of "cheat" can also be used to influence the alchemiracle for the ultimate equipment.

    Good Luck, and happy orb hunting!

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    Immature_Sage (Expert) - 6 years ago 1 2
  2. the only thing that affects the Hoimi RNG is the amount of times you HEAL after loading your game (you must shut off your ds every time)

    the position in which you talk to the boss is immaterial

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    LMSfreak - 6 years ago 1 0
  3. legacy bosses have a 2% chance of dropping an orb, just like normal grotto bosses have a 2% chance of dropping a first part of the legendary set. As u lvl up the legacy bosses, I think the chance to get orbs increases 1% per lvl up. Hope i helped, and heres my sword emote -|==>

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