Liquid metal slimes?

  1. Why do LMS keep running away so quickly? Also, any good ways for killing them?

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    LibroAmigo - 6 years ago

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  1. I can see why you would hunt these guys. The little blobs are worth a bit over 40,000 experience points if you are alone!!!

    Liquid Metal Slimes are meant to run away very quickly, but there is a way for them to hold still. The Ranger vacation has a spell called vanish, which makes you invisible. All monsters will follow programed movements and act as if you were not there! There is also a place where you simply wait for them to spawn right in front of you. Keep reading to find out where.

    The only places to find Liquid Metal Slimes (aside from Grottoes) are Slime Hill (you need to pass the game to reach this place) and the Bowhole, the dungeon to the north of Wormwood Creek.

    I suggest you go to the Bowhole to hunt for these blobs. The most efficient way to kill these little buggers is to use critical-or-nothing attacks like Hatchet Man (and axe technique) and Thunder Thrust (a spear technique). With just two (2) characters using these moves every round you can rack up the points very easily. If you don't have these attacks use metal slash while you have a falcon blade or Uber falcon blade, also very effective. Use some skill points for the critical-or-nothing attacks because Metal King Slimes (120,000 exp. if alone) and Platinum King Jewel Slimes (240,000 exp. if alone) will fall only with these attacks.

    The best place to spawn them is in the blue, water filled room in the Bowhole, become invisible and start looking. * Go to the end of that room and go down the stairs and come back up and wait. After the first pack monsters come out LMS will pop up eventually. There is a video in Youtube about this.
    Go to for an example.

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