Is my team good for legacy bosses?

  1. I got my whole team to lvl 99got them all to have each classes speaciel trick and all of that now im wondering if there good to take on legacy bosses?

    My guy the hero is a gladiator max sword skills, shield and has every speaciel class move is used for attack attack is 999 and defence is also items are, Victoius armour, impredigble leggings, uber falcon blade, safest shoes, silver shield, skull helm,vesta gauntlets.

    Next is my Paladin has full in spear shield and pally skills and all other speaciel ones has, liquid metal shield, liquid metal helm, liquid metal gloves, impregible leggings, Demon spear and metal king armour, safest shoes . is trained max in health and defence.

    nest is my sage she has wand skills, shield skills, and sage only as well as all others she has on Angel's robes, Savants staff, Goddess Shield, Winter Sky Hat, Murky mittens (non cursed), Sizzling Bikini bottoms, and Tricksie boots is trained max in hp and magic mending.

    Priest/Artamalist only one that has only two he is currently priest abbilties are fource, faith, shield, stave he has on Orichalcudgel, Erdricks Shield, Apollo's crown, Tropotoga, Aoorentices Gloves, Transparent trousers, Safest shoes.
    Is skilled in hp defence magic meding and attack (just incase.

    I just wanna know so i cant all those things up to the next level and stuff so tell me any tips and all are lvl 99.

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    Deefrenzy41 - 6 years ago
  2. Additional Details:
    How I got them all to lvl 99 was going and fighting corvus all the time i've beaten him like 100 times probally like 500... and etwdog my priest also has speed from martiel artist class my gladitor has warrior class, minstrel sage has mage and sage and paladin has warrior, paladin, gladitor, thief.

    User Info: Deefrenzy41

    Deefrenzy41 - 6 years ago

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  1. Also try to use a different sword. the falcan blade kind of stinks. try for the Edrick sword [because for me it was easy to get through {Achemny?}]
    And how did you manage to get ALL of your party to LV99????!!!!!!!!!!

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    etwdog - 6 years ago 1 0


  1. Did you have any EXP in other vocations?
    Ok first I havn't got up to Legacy bosses, but you should just go for it. they all start at level 1 so you can level them up. Check the Bestiary FAQ by Zaraf in the hints and cheets to see how much HP they have, and their weekness.
    Hope that helps!

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  2. The first time I fought baramos lvl 1 i had all jobs at about level 40. Most job skills learned. Sword, spear and shield mastered for all. My original team was glad., glad., sage, and pld. I was able to kill baramos in about 4-6 rounds.
    Since then, I have all jobs at 99, all weapons mastered, and all job skills mastered. The setup I use for a lvl 99 legacy boss is, gladiator with uber falcon blade, sage with uber falcon blade and shield scroll, priest with uber falcon blade and fource scroll, gladiator with uber falcon blade. first round priest use the fource that hurts the boss the most, all others falcon slash. If your health is high you can have 4x falcon slash but mostly will be 3x and priest healing.
    I can usually kill baramos lvl 99 in 4-6 rounds with this setup.
    You could definitely beat a legacy boss at level 1 with your setup. Just keep fighting and leveling him up until you start to have trouble, then you may need to go level and master everything. (Don't really have to do all weapons since falcon blade is best option, i just like to master everything :) )
    UBER FALCON BLADE IS BEST!!! Each hit is much smaller than other weapons but they add up to ALOT more than other weapons with 1 hit. Plus if you have your characters attacking one after the other for 4 hits apiece plus add in fource damage plus 1.2, 1.5 and 2.0 damage for using the same attack, your talking almost 2k damage from last character in line.
    You can also check out the faq on gaining seeds. I used it for strength seeds and max 1 job for each character to 999 attack. Freakin awesome lol.
    Good luck.

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  3. WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR? YOUR TEAM IS THE FRICKEN BOMB. My team was at about...... I don't know like everyone around 70 and my aramentalist (how every you spell it) was at like 40. Baramos is weak against ice. So use aramentalist's Frost Fource.

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