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  1. Can you see if me team is good for grotto bosses and legacy bosses [after leveling up] anything you think I should change please tell me, my team is;
    [me]- Sage LV. 52 with Erdrick sword [used for attaking]
    Gladiator- LV.41 with Kings axe
    Priest- LV.53 with Inferno blade
    Martial Artist-Lv.44 with Combusticlaws
    Also If I need a better wepond please tell me a EASYER way to get it

    User Info: etwdog

    etwdog - 6 years ago

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  1. I'd recommend giving both your sword wielders an Uber Falcon Blade, if you can only get one give it to the highest strength character and give Erdricks to the lower one. I'd also recommend getting yourself to a level 40 armamentalist and getting full Fource tree (I think the last one is an Hp boost) and doing the quest to get the Armamentalists Album, and possibly getting your MA some fource skills incase you don't know which one to use, they will use the correct one. While your training other vocations you might want to turn your priest into a sage and focus on the Enlightenment tree, for the extra Mp and reduced costs. When you finish all this you should probably be able to breeze through most grotto bosses before Atlas, he and the ones above him might give you some trouble. You should also buy an Ice Axe from the boy in the stornway weapon shop (Right beside the normal shopkeeper). It costs somewhere around 35k, maybe 37, and you can alchemise it into an Avalanch Axe with 6 ice crystals,and an Agate of Evolution.
    Hope it helped!

    User Info: albelclaw

    albelclaw - 6 years ago 1 0


  1. Should be fine for grotto bosses, although I haven't fought greygnarl yet so can tell you about him. For legacy job setup should be fine, ( I use same but with 2 glad instead of martial artist). I would give all uber falcon blades and use falcon slash to attack with. Get the fource scroll and learn fource spells to almost double your damage. Otherwise just level to 99 and learn all job skills/upgrades.
    Good luck.

    User Info: mdorothy

    mdorothy - 6 years ago 0 0

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