How can you be a gladiator?

  1. Only the hero can do egg on but not on himself pls help.

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  1. In order to unlock the Gladiator Class, you have to kill 3 regular (blue) slimes with Dragon Slash while in a state of super-high tension (meaning getting to 100 and having the big, pink aura around you).

    Any character able to equip a sword can learn Dragon Slash as it only takes 3 Skill Points in Sword to unlock it. So, your key requirement is to have someone other than your Main Character learn Dragon Slash. Additionally, Martial Artists can learn the skill Psyche Up by putting 16 Skill Points into Focus. Psyche Up is used to raise one's own tension (as opposed to Egg On which is used to raise someone else's tension).

    So, for guaranteed success, have a Martial Artist (who isn't your Main Character) learn Psyche Up. Then, have that same Martial Artist change vocations to a class that can equip swords and have them learn Dragon Slash. Changing vocations will still allow your ex-Martial Artist to use Psyche Up in their new class. So, once you have a character who possesses both Psyche Up AND Dragon Slash, equip them with a sword and you are ready to tackle the Gladiator quest.

    Get into a battle with regular blue slimes. The slimes near Alltrades or Bloomingdale are good because they don't flee. They do, however, eventually combine into a Slimestack or a Kingslime, so be sure to keep their numbers low so that they can't do that. Have your Main Character cast Egg On on your ex-Martial Artist. Then have your ex-Martial Artist cast Psyche Up on themselves. Have the rest of your party keep the blue slimes from combining by using a combination of killing the slimes and/or putting them to sleep/shocking them/etc. Once your ex-MA gets to 50 tension, be aware that sometimes the next tension push won't work. Don't be discouraged, it will work eventually and you will have your ex-MA at max 100 super-high tension. Then, have your ex-MA cast Dragon Slash and kill one of the slimes. Repeat this process three times and you will have completed the Gladiator Quest. Good luck!

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