:( A better way of doing this????

  1. Is there a better way of getting gold??? :( i hate when i kill a monster and only get just a little gold (cause then i cant buy more armor!!!) do my teammates effect how much gold i get??? because i know they effect how much experience i get. i also end up selling a alot of my items to get more gold... i just want a more easier way

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    JohanTheMonster - 6 years ago
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    :/ How does alchemy give you money??? and also, whenever i kill a gold golem, i only get like... around 200 gold (but for any other monster, it the same price!!!)

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    JohanTheMonster - 6 years ago
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    :O ooooh!!! so that's how alchemy gets you money!!! idk abut the gold golems though... they really dont get me anything... :P

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    JohanTheMonster - 6 years ago

Accepted Answer

  1. Method # 1: The Gold Golem Farming Technique

    Gold Golems, located in the Djust Desert outside of Gleeba, earn you 500 Gold per kill. Spend an hour or so killing Gold Golems and you'll have quite a bit of extra cash. Once you've gotten a decent amount of gold collected here, you can graduate to the next method.

    Method # 2: Alchemizing Ear Cozies

    An Ear Cozy can be synthesized using items that can all be purchased in various shops, making it very easy to mass-produce. The benefit here is that the Ear Cozy sells for more than the combined cost of its ingredients. Purchase Fur Hoods in Slurry Quay for 550G, Bunny Tails in Zere for 240G, and Lambswool in Batsureg for 180G for a combined cost of 970G for the set. The created Ear Cozy sells to NPCs for 1,200G thus netting you a 230G profit. The more that you can make at one time, the better your profits will become. 99 Fur Hoods, 99 Bunny Tails, and 99 Lambswool will cost you 96,030G. The resulting 99 Ear Cozies, once sold, will net you a 22,770G profit. Once you get the method down, you can pull this off in 5-6 minutes. That's not a bad haul for 5 minutes work. After you've done this a few times, it'll be time to graduate to the next method.

    Method # 3: Alchemizing Gold Mails

    Much in the same vein as Method # 2, this method also deals with synthesizing items that can be sold for more than they cost to make. You'll need Silver Mails from Bloomingdale for 4,000G and Gold Rings and Gold Bracers from Port Llaffan for 220G and 350G respectively for a combined cost of 4,570G per set. The created Gold Mail will sell to NPCs for 4,900G thus netting you a 330G profit per unit. 99 Silver Mails, 99 Gold Rings, and 99 Gold Bracers will set you back 452,430G, but the sale of the resulting 99 Golden Mails will net you a profit of 32,670G. Again, once you get the method down, you can achieve this in about 5-6 minutes. Certainly not a bad gain for 5 minutes of work.

    While there are other methods out there for making money, these will be the ones most available to you in the early sections of the game. Additionally, I feel that these are the best, easiest, sure-fire methods available in the game regardless. Best of luck!!

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Other Answers

  1. No they don't affect your gold. You could try alchemy or killing gold golems (500g per kill)

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  2. What I do is just level up normally (Even if you're fighting tough monsters you don't get much, I know, but it soon adds up.) and save my money in the bank if I'm going to do a tough battle (so if I lose I don't lose thousands). Then, when I need money, I just get it from the bank.

    If all else fails, sell equipment or items you don't need. For instance, if you have some armour that you're never gonna use for whatever reason, sell it. You might want to check that it can't be used for alchemy first though and that it's not REALLY rare.

    I know it's not as detailed as the answer Tekkaman_James wrote, but it works!

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