Where do you go after you have finished Gleeba?

  1. I have beaten the giant lizard but i am not sure where do go now could you please help?

    User Info: lapris4

    lapris4 - 7 years ago

Accepted Answer

  1. Since you've finished Gleeba, the next logical step is to visit Batsureg. From Gleeba, get back in your boat and sail to the northern tip of the Gleeban continent. You'll see a mountain range above your ship, so sail a bit to the East (right) until you reach dock-able land. This would be the Urdus Marshland. Travel up the path to the North and you'll come to the Iluugazar Plains. From here, travel Northwest and you will find the town of Batsureg.

    After you have completed all of the quests and gotten the Fygg in Batsureg, Zoom back to Gleeba. This time, sail your ship around to the East (right) side of the Gleeban continent and continue East. You'll pass a small island and then see a large continent to the North that's border is covered by a mountain range. Continue East, following the mountain range until you come to some more dock-able land. This will be Hermany. Dock here and follow the Eastern shoreline to the North. Eventually, you will see an exit to the North, this will be the Snowberian Coast. Follow the path to the North and you will enter Snowberia itself. From there, head due North and you will find the next quest location, the Swinedimples Academy.

    Good luck!

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Other Answers

  1. Go to the place hovering above gleeba

    User Info: Bathingsuits

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  2. Like, when you set sail from Gleeba, instead of going north, go east and when there are two pieces of land between your boat, go north.

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