Can you help me with final boss (corvus)?

  1. ive tried tons of time and i always loose
    My Teem
    Lv:43 Minstrel
    Lv:41 Warrior
    Lv:42 Priest
    Lv:43 Martial Artise

    I have uber falcon blade for my minstrel & falcon knife earing for my warrior.If i need to buy something money isint an object (i have lots) i just really need to kill minstrel is also a level 22 gladator

    User Info: kobra678

    kobra678 - 6 years ago

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  1. You have to get a Sage up in your party, if you started out with a Mage then quested for the Sage, your mp will go up to 400+ and you can heal continually. The best way to do it is to get all the final "finnishing" moves for all the weapons that you use. I. E. Sword = Gigagash, Claws = Hand of God, ect. The easiest way to complete the final boss is to have one character constantly healing (every round of attacking), then have multiple final attacks and to keep loads of magic water in all characters bags.

    User Info: kchilds1

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  1. Well you are able to unlock other vocations so that you can turn into them over at the all trades abby. I beat corvus with a team of Lv.40 Paladin who was also a lvl. 45 Minstrel, a lvl 43 gladiator who was also a lvl 45 warrior, a lvl 37 sage who was also a lvl 35 priest and also a lvl 29 mage, and a lvl 52 ranger who was also a lvl 47 theif. The combined levels made their stats a lot higher than normal so i was able to beat corvus. i recommend finding the people to unlock the other vocations and change your team to add even more stats then they already are. it will make them a lot stronger.

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  2. The best thing you can do is take them through lots of other classes to get stats up. Personally, I would recommend getting ups in defense, agility, attack, and deftness. I would also go through the trouble of going down grottos and raiding blue chests and such until you get enough mini medals and/or ingredients to get a Meteorite Bracer or two, and give them to your main attackers. I would also take the time to go get the Shield scroll for your Priest, and maybe get a small stock of Yggdrasil leaves. Not having to worry about your priest getting critted and not having to waste too many turns trying to revive someone with Zing is a big help.

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  3. My characters that I beat it with were a lvl 45 Minstrel/48 Ranger, a lvl 45 Mage/ 47 Sage, a lvl 48 Theif, and a lvl 48 Martial Artist.

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  4. All i can say is try and if u lose train on metal slimes or hi level monsters.dats wat i would do.if ur team is @ level 99 ul probably win

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  5. My team was all level48

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  6. I find that vocation jumping to get skill points paid off in the end.
    first off, you really need to get rid of that minstrel.
    i ended up beating him with a lv 66 paladin, lv 50 mage, lv 45 sage, and lv 50 gladiator
    as long as you buff up a lot and magic mirror+forbearance, he'll be absolutly destroyed.
    by the way, if you think youre going to last a minute with those vocations in the post game, think again. you seriously need to get some better vocations. though youre levels are excellent.

    User Info: silvadude12

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  7. Dude, sorry but the falcon knife earring has got to go. get like an Inferno blade or somthing and just use falcon slash repedidly. the uber falcon blade is okay, but it would be better to change it. Nice party otherwise.

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  8. 1-You need to train a little bit to get some skill points and enhance your characters. i recommend virtue, courage ande focus at 100 to get a lot of resilience, agility, hp and strenght.
    2-It helps a lot to have a sage at least level 45, because you will have at least one kill during the final battle and kzing helps a lot. change your priest to a sage cause you must use it's faith tree skillset to make your sage stronger as a supportive character.
    3-Try to level up a little more. try some grottoes, i think will help ;)
    4-what kind of armour do you have? if you have enough money, try to get the mirror armour, some good shields and some magic water for your healer.
    5-any more detailed info, you can mail me, i have a lot of info that can help you ;)

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  9. Iwejust beat Corvus's 2nd form. I suppose you could call us lucky because both times when I cast Zing on fallen teammates it worked first go, and George blocked both of Corvus's critical attacks with his shield, and I got my coup de grace. Anyway, our stats were:
    annihilator127 (me): Level 61 Minstrel / 18 Warrior / 44 Mage
    George: Level 57 Warrior / 43 Minstrel (thank goodness for Sobering Slap)
    Jasmine: Level 55 Mage / 43 Warrior
    Marcus: Level 58 Priest / 40 Thief

    Powerful weapons and items would be very useful. I recently bought each of us a power shield. If you hold it up high it heals you for about 85 HP. George actually soloed the last few turns of Corvus's 1st form with this!

    Also, recovery spells and abilities come in very useful too, like Fullheal, Multiheal, Sobering Slap, Zing etc.

    Oh, and Jasmine was in the back line, and so was Marcus while my coup de grace was in effect. And my teammates Fight Wisely, of course.

    You will need to know what abilities the boss has too. Watch out for Corvus's Magic Burst, which drains all his MP to do heavy damage to the opposing team, and he can restore all his MP and self-heal just as quickly.

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  10. It would be worth it to upgrade your armour and weapons. If you got the sacred armour from the mini medal pirate, you should alchemise it with 2 life bracers. It will make sacrosanct armour. It has really high defence and heals you around 25 health after every turn. If you equip the same guy with it plus an uber miracle sword, it's 50 health back to that guy per turn.

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