How does the DQVC Map Method work?

  1. Ok, I've seen on the message boards people talking about using the grotto maps to manipulate the items you get in the DQVC, but I have yet to see a message that explained it in a way that was understandable. Half of them refer to japanese names, and use abbreviations. So could someone please explain in the simplest language possible for us clueless types how this works?

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Accepted Answer

  1. Note 1: This trick has nothing to do with the Hoimi Table. Also, it is not too complicated and is in no way a hack or harmful to your game, save file, or system.

    Note 2: You can only do this trick with the maps in the bottom-most position in your Treasure Map list pages. Which page it is on doesn't matter nor whether you have explored the map or not.

    First, you need to find out your map's ID number. Look here:
    Fill out the top four drop-down menu items to match the name and level of your map. Then, click the grey button below the fields. On the next page, it is going to list all of the versions of your map that exist. Sometimes there's only one, sometimes there are a few. Under each listing will be one or more letter/number links. These links will show you pictures of potential map locations. Once you find the matching location, check to make sure that none of the other listed maps has the same one. If they don't, then THAT map is your map! If there is two or more maps that share the same map location, then we have to dig deeper. Next to each listing is a link labeled "MAP". That link will show you what the layout of the floors of that grotto look like. Find the grotto in the game and enter it. Verify which of the MAP links matches the floor layout of your grotto. Usually, you can tell which it is just from the first floor. Once you know for certain which map listing refers to your specific map, take a look to the left of the "MAP" link and copy down the 4-digit alpha-numeric code shown there. This is the ID number of your treasure map. Save it for future use!

    Now, we need to find out what DQVC items we can get using that map. Look here:
    On that link, (if it's been updated for the new week) you will see a list of all of the items in that week's sale. Each item will have six bubbles that you can click. You can select from zero up to six items from that list (one for each column), just be careful not to click too many. Once you have selected your items (or none), scroll down to the bottom. There will be a series of pre-filled fields as well as some blank ones. In the first BLANK field, enter your map's 4-digit ID number and then click the grey button at the bottom. On the next similar-looking screen, scroll to the bottom to find a list of potential items that could appear in your DQVC. In the column before the first item name, labeled "B.R.", there will either be a number or a Japanese word. This column indicates the number of times you will have to open and close the Battle Records screen to get this set of items to appear. The Japanese character means "zero". Once you have chosen the list that you want and made note of the number in the "B.R." column, you're ready to go!

    In the game, stand outside of the Quester's Rest and open your Treasure Map list. Select the map that you chose in the first step and select "Let's go Hunting!" and exit back to the game. Now, enter the Quester's Rest and walk up to Sellma until you see the smiley-face icon over her head, but DON'T talk to her yet! NOW, open your treasure map menu. It will automatically open to the page that your map of choice is listed on. WITHOUT DOING ANYTHING ELSE, exit out of the menu and back to the game. If your "B.R." number was zero, simply talk to Sellma now. If your "B.R." number was anything other than zero, we now need to open and close the Battle Records screen that EXACT number of times. So, open your menu, select Battle Records and then cancel out to the game screen. Do this as many times as your "B.R." number indicated. Once you have done so, simply talk to Sellma and initiate the DQVC.

    Assuming you did everything right, your DQVC list should match the one you wanted exactly. If it comes up wrong, you made a mistake. Either you incorrectly ID'd your map or you miscounted the number of times you opened/closed the Battle Records screen.

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  1. There technichally is no way except to use a hoimi table which might break the game.A hoimi table is a complicated hack that requires skills and stupidity.

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