Garth Goyal?

  1. What level should my party and I be to defeat the Garth Goyal?

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    valsh - 6 years ago

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  1. If you i stuck on this just do what i did get a stronger freind to play multiplayer whith you and team up to defeat it to me it has about 800hp i was around lv 21 whaen i defeated this my freind was around lv 28 but if you have no pals on this game get to around lv 25-27 and hell be quite easy get a mage to use crackle on it thats quite efective now im lv 34 and stuck on the owl boss outside gittingham palace heres some extra info WARNING SPOILERS : theres 7 fyggs in the game thes people called gitts come back to life and try to take over the world.

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  1. Garth Goyle has approximately 1054 HP. Usually around lv. 25 or so he'll be cake, but you can take him on at lv. 20 and still win. To really make it easy you should put enough skill points into an Armamentalist to get Gale Fource.

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  2. Well, I defeated him in 2 tries at lvl 19 and 18 but you should probably build it up to 22 or something in the low 20s beacuse when I defeated him my hero and 2 of my party members died. The only 1 left (a warrior) had only like 5 HP and defeated him! I hope I helped.

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  3. When I first fought him I thought he was metal so I kept on using metal slash. So do not use metal slash and I defeated him at level 23.

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  4. I barely beat him with a lvl 27 minstrel 28 warrior 25 minstrel 24 mage. I would get at least a lvl 25 warrior with the points on spear. Or get the strongest weapon of your most strongest skills.

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  5. I know this won't help, but I didn't know of Zere Rocks and I went to Bloomingdale first and then did that fygg so then I stumbled across the Heights of Loneliness and Garth Goyle was Easy Peasy, killed in the first battle, as for others have taken 10 tries D:

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  6. I'd recommend specializing your characters--now is the time to decide what you want to do with your minstrel--choices are to make him a gladiator (sword minstrels should do this), mage/priest/eventually sage (minstrels who mostly use magic should do this) or become a luminary postgame (minstrels with fans/whips should do this).

    Warriors should become gladiators or paladins (sword gladiator, spear paladin, knife can stay warrior, and paladins should stay warriors until we unlock paladins, but gladiators should change now).

    Mages/Priests can stay mages/priests until we get sages.

    Claw/Staff/Fan M.Artists should stay M.Artists, while Fist M.Artists should become gladiators.

    Thieves should have Half-Inch but become fist/sword gladiators, Knife users should be warriors, while claws users should become Martial Artists.

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  7. Garth Goyle

    Garth Goyle is a boss in Dragon Quest IX. He was the result of Mason eating a Fygg. He stands to protect Zere Rocks, the last creation of Mason.

    #263 - Garth Goyle
    Material Family
    HP - 1054
    MP - 255
    Attack - 120
    Defense - 125
    Agility - 66
    Experience Gained - 4134
    Gold Gained - 1250 G
    Drops - Terrible tattoo (100%)
    Description - This stone sentry was created to stand guard over Zere Rocks. It seems to be looking for someone called Mason... Having lost its granite guardian, the statuesque town of Zere Rocks will surely now crumble into dust and blow away...
    Encountered At - Heights Of Loneliness - Zere Rocks

    Attributes Resistance

    Fire - 50%
    Ice - 100%
    Wind - 125%
    Earth - 50%
    Light - 100%
    Dark - 100%
    Blast - 100%
    Illusion - 0%
    Sleep - 0%
    Death - 0%
    Drain MP - 100%
    Confusion - 0%
    Silent - 0%
    Petrify - 0%
    Paralyze - 0%
    Poison - 0%
    Attract - 0%
    Drain Attack - 0%
    Drain Defense - 100%
    Drain Agility - 50%
    Drain Magic Resistance - 75%


    1. Just as its role towards Zere Rocks, its Japanese name means "The Guard Of Stone."

    2. His name originally comes from Gargoyles, rocks that are shaped into monsters.

    Hope I Helped!

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  8. Get a priest lv 2o or up

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  9. Well, I personally had just my hero for the whole game, creamed Garth Goyle with Falcon and Miracle slash. I think I had about 90-120 HP left somewhere in that area.

    I was soloing the whole game so I had my hero majorly powerful.

    Anyway, my suggestion is changing your vocation at the Alltrades Abbey and gaining skillpoints on areas like Courage-Warrior and such. Giving you strength and Resilience. By the time I got to him I think he was doing about 10 and 15 damage per attack cause of my already growing defense

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  10. Warrior level 37 with metal slash , a tough guy tattoo and a mage to use oomph.

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