I just wanna know... cuz it made me sad.... yeah?

  1. I want to know what happened to the Almighty in the game because i haven't passed the game yet and i really want to know what happened to him.... is he dead??? DID EVIL MAN CORVUS KILL HIM?!?!?!? WHAT HAPPENED TO THE LEADER OF THE DRAGON QUEST XI WORLD?!?!?!?!?!! :) if yah don't know, that's cool.

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    Daaaaaamn.... i think ill never know what happened to the almighty :(

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    lolz immature_sage is super smart and probably made DQIX... you never know :D

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Accepted Answer

  1. This question has some speculations about it and many might disagree with my answer. Regardless, here is what I think:

    Corvus' beam of hatred did hit him and damage him but he did not die. He was broken into several pieces (still living) and altered (the pieces) by the hatred in the beam. When he was blasted, the grottoes became distorted like labyrinths because the hatred distorted his mind. The evidence: when you engage Elusid, a grotto boss, he said the grottoes are so complicated because Zenus' (that is his name) mind is in such disarray.

    The pieces are alive and kicking, and not in a good way. The evidence: when you engage Fowleye, another grotto boss, he mentions he is the eyes, Nemean, another grotto boss, the head and Excalipurr, yet another grotto boss, is the arm of destruction and together with the other pieces not mentioned in the game, they form Grand Architect Zenus, the almighty.

    Zenus' power of destruction, the thing you might be worried about landing in a psychos hands is sealed, very sealed, inside the black sword of Excalipurr and he cannot use it either. The sword is still wicked sharp though...

    There might be more evidence in the game but I have yet to come across any more. Celestria does not mention anything in particular and there is no one among the mortals that knows anything about the workings outside of the mortal realm. Perhaps there are clues in the extra quests that have yet to arrive...

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  1. Immature_Sage is smart and good at DQIX apperently....

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