Who learns feel the burn stance?

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    Can I change my martchil artist to a warrior and Learn it ?

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    I need yes or no anser ps i have got gladiator

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  4. Clarification Request::
    I know my answer is long, but it answers every question you could possibly have about; the Gladiator class, changing a character's class to another class, and learning the "Feel the Burn" skill.

    If you already have the Gladiator Class (NOT the Warrior Class, Gladiator and Warrior are two different things), than just skip to Step 2 of my answer.

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  1. The gladiators learn this move. It is one of the last moves from the guts attribute, and it is useful for strategic purposes. You will need about 82 (maybe more, maybe less) skill points to learn this ability.

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  1. [DISCLAIMER: Everything I am about to cover is based on the assumption that you have already gotten to Alltrades Abbey and have successfully defeated the Master of Nu'un in the Tower of Trades. If you have not done so, there is no way for you to learn "Feel the Burn" at this time as their is no way for you to change your character's classes yet. Please continue through the game's main story until this point before reading the solution below. Thank you.]

    To learn "Feel the Burn", you're going to have to do some prep work first. Since the Gladiator class is the one that learns this ability, you must first (assuming that you haven't yet) unlock the Gladiator class.

    Step 1 - Unlock the Gladiator Class:
    To do this, you need to go to Alltrades Abbey and then go down the stairs on the right and speak with the Priest who is standing outside the Inn. He will give you a quest requiring you to have to kill three Slimes with Dragon Slash while in a state of super-high tension. Which leads us to...

    Step 1b - Completing Quest #103 "Gladiator Graduator":
    Hopefully your Martial Artist isn't your Main Character. Assuming this is the case, you will want to make sure that he knows "Psyche Up" which is an ability you gain from the Focus skill tree. It takes 16 points in Focus to learn it, so it shouldn't be too difficult to acquire. Once that is done, you'll need to change your Martial Artist's class to one that can equip Swords, so (since you should still be in Alltrades Abbey) go back upstairs and then all the way north and speak with Jack to change your Martial Artist into a Warrior. Once that is done, your new Warrior is going to need to learn "Dragon Slash" which is an ability one learns in the Sword skill tree. It only takes 3 skill points to learn this ability, so you should get it in no time at all. Now, once your new Warrior has learned "Dragon Slash" and, obviously, still knows "Psyche Up", we're ready to take down some Slimes. Leave Alltrades Abbey and walk around the surrounding area. The Slimes here are a bit less prone to running away than the ones near Angel Falls, but they also like to fuse into a SlimeStack, so try to make sure that there is never more than one Slime still alive at the end of every turn. So, once we're in battle with a Slime or two, have your Main Character start using "Egg On" on your new Warrior. Have your new Warrior start using "Psyche Up" as well. We need to keep on doing this until your Warrior has reached level 100 in Tension. So, until we can achieve this, we'll need your other two party members to make sure that there's only every one Slime on the screen at a time. If you lose track of them and they become a SlimeStack, then you can't attempt this in that battle and you'll need to try again. So, once you've gotten your Warrior to 100 Tension (where they have a pink aura all around them), it's time to have him use "Dragon Slash" on that one remaining Slime. If you've done this correctly, you should get a text window after the battle informing you of your success. Now, doing this only nets you ONE kill and you need to do this THREE times. So, just repeat these steps twice more until you've successfully killed three Slimes with "Dragon Slash" while at 100 Tension. Then, go back and talk to the Priest near the Inn in Alltrades to complete the Quest and unlock the Gladiator class.

    Step 2 - Become a Gladiator:
    Seeing as you've already turned your Martial Artist into a Warrior (who can be changed back now if you prefer), you should know what to do here. If not, simply go back to the first floor of Alltrades and go all the way north and speak to Jack. Choose the character you want to become a Gladiator and select your newly acquired class from the list and, TA-DA, you'll have a Gladiator.

    Step 3 - Learn "Feel the Burn"
    In order for a Gladiator to lean this ability, you're going to need to put 100 skill points into their class-specific skill set, Guts. 100 points is a lot, but you should have more than enough by the time your Gladiator gets to around level 50.

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