About the grotto bossess...(spoilers)?

  1. I was wondering, they all seem to hint in their dialogue that they were each gods of some sort. One even says that he used to be a god and had a daughter...another mentions something about being many and one (I assume it's referring to the other bosses). Well, all of this seems to lead me to the assumption that perhaps they were that god that Corvus shot down (I forget his name, Zenus or something). and that he was reduced to monsters imprisoned in grottos by that light thing. This assumption also seems to be reinforced by the fact that the god doesn't show up in the Real of the Almighty after you beat Corvus. I was just wondering if this is actually what happened and if it's referenced anywhere else but by the grotto bosses themselves. If not then someone plz explain what the heck happened to that god.

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    "What happened? I was once a god in my very own palace with my great sow of a daughter. Happy as a pig in muck, I was! And now they imprison such a prize boar as me in this sty of a place! Of all the swine-headed tricks to play! Hm? What's so funny? Come here, I'll teach you to snort at the likes of me! You'll be squealing like a stuck pig when I'm done!"

    He flat out says he was a god and I'd guess the daughter he's referring to is Celestria.

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    I would like to point out that the Almighty's daughter wouldn't listen to him and turned herself into a tree. I would guess he is not talking to you, but instead referring to that.

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    1) In the descriptions for Equinox it says it had a previous form.

    2) Same thing for Nemean.

    3) Trauminator is said to have existed since the beginning of time.

    4) It says only the almighty knows Elusid's true origins.

    5) Shogum is looking for it's 9 lost companions (possibly a reference to the 10 of them mentioned in another boss's dialogue).

    6) Sir Sanguinus says he is the reason people have blood in their veins.

    7) I mentioned Atlas above, and it's description says "older then time itself" and "lived in the palace of an almighty realm (the realm of the almighty?) before being sealed away."

    8) Hammibal's description reinforces his dialogue mentioned above and says he too lived in a "lovely palace."

    9) Fowleye I believe is the one that hints at the 10 being one and it describes his eyes as "almighty eyes"

    10) Excalipurr's "sword is said to sing with the power of the Almighty Himself."

    I know there are supposed to be 12 grotto bosses, but the other two are given other origins and as referenced by Fowleye, the Almighty should be 10, not 12, and sure enough there are 10 that seem to hint towards being godly. It all seems too much to be a coincidence. One last thing though, I don't remember much about what was said when grottos were introduced to you, but I believe it was said that they started popping up when that light thing hit the realm of the almighty, which would also be when the Almighty was split into 10 monster forms and banished into these new born grottos. Yet another remarkable coincidence.

    Can anyone confirm my theory, or am I way off here?

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    Well, mostly I was wondering if this theory is actually mentioned anywhere in the game cuz it seems odd to me that when the GOD of your world is blasted into 10 pieces and banished to grottos (or at the very least vanishes, never to return) it seems odd that NO ONE cares enough to even mention it after that one cutscene.

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    but you can talk to Celestria again after beating that side quest after you beat the game, so you could ask for her help. Or you could probably raise a whole army of religious mortals to help you do SOMETHING. He's their god too after all. Idk, it just feels like it should at least be adressed.

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  1. The only people who knew what happened to Zenus were Corvus (who did it) and Celestria (who was...well...a tree). The Celestrians, having no idea what goes on in the world above, would have had no way of knowing that the blast that rocked the Observatory had also "killed" Zenus.

    Thus, it is only your character who, upon finally learning all of the secrets of the Realm of the Mighty, meeting and speaking with Celestria, and defeating Corvus, could have put all the clues together and realized that the Grotto Bosses were 10 parts of the once whole Zenus. However, by that point, you're the only Celestrian left (barring Pavo and, later, Anguila), so who are you going to tell?

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  1. I haven't seen Fowleye myself, but i know he calls himself the eyes, Nemean is i think the brain, Hammibal is probably the body , and Excalipurr's sword holds in itself the destructive power of Zenus that only Zenus Himself can call upon. Basically, Corvus' ray of hatred blasted Zenus so hard that he broke into multiple pieces. Pieces that became the grotto bosses. Elusid tells you that His( Zenus) mind is in such disarray, causing all the unique grottos. Helpful?

    These are only my guesses though

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  2. I noticed that too. I think that you are right.


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