Class-specific items?

  1. Could somebody please post a list of class specific items ad what class they are specific to? Thanks!

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  1. I'm not sure if this is what you are asking for, but here are the class-specific items that will make you look like the character designs in the manual/guide (which will also get you some Accolades):

    Sage Outfit
    [Male: Minerva's Mitre, Sage's Robe, Clever Clogs]
    [Female: Canny Cap, Maiden's Mantle, Green Tights, Shaman Shoes]

    Luminary Outfit
    [Male: Top Hat, Star's Suit, White Tights, Bardic Boots]
    [Female: Ravishing Ribbon, Tint-tastic Tutu, Crimson Boots]

    Warrior Outfit
    [Male: Warrior's Helm, Armour, Gloves, Trousers, Boots]
    [Female: Femiscyran Mail, Fingerwear, Bottoms, Footwear]

    Priest Outfit
    [Male: Holy Hat, Ascetic Robe, Frugal Footwear]
    [Female: Hermetic Hat, Priestess's Pinafore, Sheepskin Shoes]

    Minstrel Outfit
    [Male: Feather Headband, Flamenco Shirt, Loud Trousers, Acroboots]
    [Female: Circlet, Dancer's Dress, Starlet Sandals]

    Thief Outfit
    [Male: Thief's Turban, Rogue's Robes, Lockpicker's Mitts, Nicker's Knickers]
    [Female: Disturbin' Turban, Roguess's Robes, Fingerless Gauntlets, Nicker's Knickers, Sneakers]

    Gladiator Outfit
    [Male: Battler's Band, Tactical Vest, Metallic Mitts, Battle Britches, Payback Pumps]
    [Female: Battler's Band, Brawling Byrnie, Metallic Mitts, Payback Pumps]

    Paladin Outfit
    [Male: Mail Coif, Holy Mail, Red Tights, Safety Shoes]
    [Female: Holy Femail, Light Gauntlets, Chainmail Socks, Saintly Sollerets]

    Martial Artist Outfit
    [Male: Tussler's Top, Bruiser's Bracers, Tussler's Trousers, Kung Fu Shoes]
    [Female: Strongsam, Slick Slacks, She-fu Shoes]

    Armamentalist Outfit
    [Male: Musketeer Hat, Fencing Jacket, Gorgeous Gloves, Swordman's Slacks, Cowboy Boots]
    [Female: Cavalier Hat, Fencing Frock, Mental Mittens, Hip Boots]

    Mage Outfit
    [Male: Hocus Hat, Fizzle-ret@rdant Suit, Wizard's Trousers, Wizard Wellies]
    [Female: Tricky Turban, Fizzle-ret@rdant Blouse, Sorcerer's Slacks, Siren Sandals]

    Ranger Outfit
    [Male: Hunter's Hat, Fur Vest, Archer's Armguard, Steppe Steppers, Agiliboots]
    [Female: Ear Cosy, Nomadic Deel, Hiking Boots]

    Beyond that, there is also the class-specific gear that will make you look like the classes as they appeared in Dragon Quest III (which will also get you some Accolades):

    DQ3 Mage Outfit
    [Male: Wizard's hat, Wizard's robe, Spellspadrilles]
    [Female: Witch's hat, Witch's robe, Enchantress's gloves, She-mage shoes]

    DQ3 Priest Outfit
    [Male: Mitre, Surplice, Minister's mittens, Trinity tights, Blessed boots]
    [Female: Mitre, Surplice, Minister's mittens, Trinity tights, Blessed boots]

    DQ3 Warrior Outfit
    [Male: Veteran's helm, Veteran's armour, Veteran's gloves, Toughie trousers, Veteran's boots]
    [Female: Veteran's helm, Veteran's armour, Veteran's gloves, Veteran's boots]

    DQ3 Sage Outfit
    [Male: Crown of clarity, Cape of good karma, Blessed bindings, Tantric trousers, Brahman boots]
    [Female: Crown of clarity, Divine dress, Guru's gloves, Brahman boots]

    DQ3 Martial Artist Outfit
    [Male: Combat top, Riotous wristbands, Combat trousers, Combat boots]
    [Female: Combat costume, Fingerless gloves, Combat trousers, Combat boots]

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