How do i stop metal slimes from running away?

  1. How do i stop metal slimes from running away is there an action replay code is there a strategy by the way i have a level 41 minstrel 30 preist 36 mage 37 warrior and a spare marshial artist (i dont know how to spell it) level 36 please tell me?

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    yockar3365 - 6 years ago
  2. Additional Details:
    What does have a ball do? Does it have the same affect as the thunder thrust and hatchet man?

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    yockar3365 - 6 years ago

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  1. Have a Ball is just another multihit attack. It can be useful if you're fighting a group of only Metal Slimes, otherwise it's just annoying. Anyway...with those levels it sounds like you're far enough to unlock the Ranger class. If you unlock that and put 8 skill points into their class tree, you will learn the skill Vanish. Vanish allows you to run around enemies undetected, and also makes it more likely that you'll get the jump on them, which locks them in place for one round. Holy Water has the same effect, but it doesn't last as long. Use either of those two, and then use Thunder Thrust/Hatchet Man/Metal Slash while they're surprised and it should make your life easier.

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  1. Well, i don't think there is a action replay code for that ( as far as i know, which is pretty far) so you should use metal slash and defeat 'em ASAP. That's all i can do. Hope I helped!!! (BTW it's MARTIAL Artist. ur welcome owo)

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  2. The only way to stop them from running is to be a lower level, but for trainings sake thats hard. Just use Thunder Thrust if priest has spear, metal slash for sword wielders(if you have the ultimate key get the falcon blade from your ship), and any other crit-or-miss/multihit skills

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  3. It may seem obvious, but the best way to stop them from running is to kill them. If you've been putting your minstrel's points into his class tree, he should have the skill "Have a ball" which I find to be very helpful in killing metal slimes (and metal medleys). Other metal skills such as metal slash work well on the slimes. (And if your target is to only fight metal slimes, if you can get something like a falcon blade to use with metal slash, you may be able to kill one in one command.)

    When it comes to fighting things like liquid metal slimes, multiple characters will need these skills. Conversely, you can start using the instant-kill commands (like the prior mentioned Thunder Thrust with the spear), which are by far the preferred way to kill King Metal Slimes and Platinum King Jewels. (You might get lucky with 4 characters using have a ball or metal slash with falcon blades, but they'll be much more likely to run from you.)

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  4. As far as i know, there is no way to keep them from running away. My best advice? Spam them with thunder thrust, hatchet man, have a ball, and pressure pointer/assasans dagger.
    get used to using the critical hit attacks, because they are absolutly necessary for higher metal slime types.

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  5. I had a Warrior and made him a mage at Alltrades Abbey, made him learn Wizard Ward, then switched him back to a Warrior. Made the rest of my teammates another lv.1 vocation. Killed the lv.1's off and the metal slime usually waited a few turns before running off.
    Hope I helped!

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  6. On the martial artist (That's how you spell it) use War Cry or something that will make him skip a turn. :D

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  7. You should use anything with multiple hits and metal slash and metallicker. While fighting metal slimes i do find that if i select my options quick, they are less likely to flee for some reason.

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  8. It isn't easy to prevent them from running away since they are immune to magic, immunity to statis abilities, and have high defence and agility. Though some of the slimes' running rate have decreased since DQXIII. Just use speed increasing magic, metal slash and double hit attacks. Try to target one at a time if possible.

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  9. Ive tried stopping them from fleeing but it wont work, i suggest using rain of pain, multithrust, or crushed ice to quickly kill it. And have a mage oomph you to increase the chance of hitting a one,or you can also use critical attacks that have a chance of working or not.
    And i believe metal licker ability from boomerang skills is the greatest way, say your on the cliffs north east of Angel falls and you get like 5 metal slimes, (or even better 5 liquid metal slimes at a time) and u can attack them all at same time ( for four mp tho).
    Metal slash just sucks. Sorry if you cant access this yet with star flight :c
    Hope this was useful

    P.S. And the have a ball ability allows you to hit the enemy at random 8 times

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  10. 1 way to stop them from running is having a high charm stat. They will become enthralled and waste a turn doing nothing.

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  11. Just hope to god it wont runaway and attack it like crazy but dont use attack spells it wont hurt them

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