Ok, How about Grand Lizzier?

  1. Ok, thanks for help with Tyrantula, it really helped! But now I can't seem to get past Grand Lizzier! So i'm working my way up in lvlz. What lvl should I be? And any advice on how I should beat him? Please help ASAP!!!

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    ApusMajor - 6 years ago

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  1. Mkay. The Grand Lizzier is actually an easier fight than Tyrantula really. I believe (if he's like the nonboss versions of the enemy) he can inflict the Frightened status, but at this point you probably won't have anything to resist it so that's kinda luck-based, and he doesn't do it often anyway, preferring to just kick your butt. I would boost your attack with Oomph, and use Egg On on your Warrior (or whoever is strongest). If you want to take the time, at this point you could unlock the Armamentalist class and learn Frost Fource to use on your strongest character as well, since he is weak to ice.

    User Info: Pokegirl

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  1. OK, now I beat the lizzer at at least lvl 30, and at the most 37. I just grinded lvl's by fighting metal medleys in the bad cave (where you fight Tyrantula). they are on the part near the end where its platforms and waterfalls. now here's the strategy: first round have your main character egg on your most powerful attacker, and if they have it, let your power-attacker(!!!) psych up (ONLY IF THEY HAVE IT!)to tension up yo 20.any spell users (mage, priest) do a oomph spell, sap him, buff yourself,or heal if needed. this boss doesn't have Disruptive wave, (but I do!) so make your party as powerful against him, and make him as weak as possible. (NEXT PART IN THE NEXT ANSWER!)

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  2. Cool answer

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  3. OMG u r stuck on this boss he is easier than garth goyyle and tyrantula i beat him at lv 26 u just need 2 people 2 use dragon slash and youll be fine.

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    Kaabii51 - 6 years ago 0 1

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