Party improvement?

  1. Hello everyone :)
    I have nearby finished the main story of this touching game, and I was wandering about my team for the post game.
    At the moment, the team is made by:
    -A) Hero, level 41 Armamentalist(Sub class: level 39 clown, with level 20-25 classes without the last one, Illuminary I guess?)
    Maxed: Sword, shield, force, concentration, virtue(Paladin skill), also improved the Gladiator(55) and the thief one up to 16.
    My idea about the Hero was to change he into a Gladiator post game, and maxing out courage for the extra pv-strenght bonus, with the ranger one for the Dexterity one.
    -B)Paladin: Level 41 Paladin(39 clown, 20-25 other classes)
    Maxed: Lance, Shield, Virtue, Courage, Going to max soon Concentration, Gladiator Skill(Stoik could be interasting, and extra agi would be fine while not tanking)
    I wanted to keep the paladin as it is, maxing out the str/res/vit bonuses, boosting later MP for smile hunting and battle support
    -C) Sage: Level 40(Level 39 Mage, usual 20-25 classes, lol)
    Maxed: Wand, Shield, Vision, Mage skill, Virtue. Will be maxing Faith in order to boost the cure, courage to give extra Hp/res and I was thinking about giving him the lance skill path with a demon spear, trying the multihit hunting(or simple thunder trust)
    -D) Gladiator: Level 41(level 40 Monk, usual classes)
    Maxed: Axe, Shield, Concentration, Virtue. Going to max Courage, Glad skills and eventually Vision(extra mp for hunting)
    I tried to focus mostly on agility and str traits to compensate the basic lack of the class. I guess I will be switching this to the Armamentalist path, making the Hero my glad. Since the Hero has got sword, and I'll try to make a UFB asap, he would benefit more the glad traits.
    My party idea is quite simple: Gladiator for damage, Paladin with nice str for tanking-sub damaging-support, Sage as a "Factotum", meaning it can buff, damage a bit(at least at the moment, if the damage is going to increase, I'll be glad) and heal, and an Armamentalist for buffs and sub damage as well. Everyone has the Paladin skill traits maxed, for extra res and pv(and hp/mp support, mostly for switching MPS while hunting)+level 16 thief one(extra agi/dex) and will get as I said the monk one for the extra agi.
    If you have any suggestion, about equips, traits or change some classes, I'd be glad to hear them, and I thank you all in advance for any help :)
    Also, forgive me in advance for my english, I'm not a mothertongue speaker, so I admit there might be quite a lot mistakes xS

    User Info: Furotsu

    Furotsu - 6 years ago

Accepted Answer

  1. If you ask me your team should be good for most of the post-game stuff. For some of the legacy bosses you might need to turn either the Paladin or Sage into a Priest, but for most of the game you should be good.

    User Info: albelclaw

    albelclaw - 6 years ago 1 0

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