How does the Homi Table method work?

  1. Ok, I've seen on the message boards people talking about using the Homi Table to manipulate the items you get in the DQVC or ensuring alchemiracles, but I have yet to see a message that explained it in a way that was understandable. So could someone please explain in the simplest language possible for us clueless types how this works? Especially for us types who don't understand japanese?

    User Info: Altrus02

    Altrus02 - 6 years ago

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    Well that's an english version of the table. As for how it works: You drop one character to low HP, and then go up to the Boss monster you want. Then you quicksave, restart, and input your chosen healing character's Magical Mending and click Calculate Base to get a base number to work with. Then you put the injured character's starting HP (the HP they started with when you restarted after quicksaving) in the first box under Prev. HP. Then you Heal, noting the change in HP in the New HP boxes, 4-8 times being careful to not heal over the injured character's max HP, hitting the Calculate button at the very bottom each time after 4 until you get only one link to appear. After that, you go to the table the link leads you to, and use healing moves until you get the black outlined box over a box that is pink for the 2% drop, or blue for 5%. Heal moves 1 space, Multiheal 4, and Omniheal moves 8. If you heal over the max HP now that's OK, at this point you're just moving spaces, not setting seed.
    Hope that helps.

    User Info: Pokegirl

    Pokegirl (Expert) - 6 years ago 1 0

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