DON DON DON.....DONE!!!!!! now what?? :/

  1. i ask so many questions while trying to complete the game!!! all the answers i got to my questions really helped and i have now beat Evil Man Corvus and all my people turned into stars... what do i no now??? i did get a quest from Jona but... i had heard that you can take control of the starlight express.. please help me! tell me what to do!!!

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    JohanTheMonster - 6 years ago
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    :T but what about the starlight express?????? i really want to know about that!

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    JohanTheMonster - 6 years ago
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    :D YEAHS!!!! i got my ass handed to me by the fishy thing already... gonna try harder... get some new equipment...yeah... ill show that big phat fishy who's boss.... me...or course..:) ill do exactly what you said!!!! i will GET THE WHISTLE!!! will i get to talk to Stella again??? i miss her :(

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    JohanTheMonster - 6 years ago
  4. Clarification Request::
    Yes, you'll get to talk to Stella again. ^_^

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    Tekkaman_James - 6 years ago
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    STELLA!!!!! i loooove stellla

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    JohanTheMonster - 6 years ago

Accepted Answer


    Go to Porth Llaffan and talk to Jona, the summoner girl in her house. Accept her request. Rest at the inn, and exit it at night. There's a ghost of a woman on the beach, talk to her and tell her "No" when prompted. After that, talk to Jona again. You'll have to get three pieces of equipment.

    1. Buy a Silver Shield in the new armor shop in Stornway or create it through Alchemy.
    2. Buy a Flowing Dress in Wormwood Creek.
    3. Buy a Watermaul Wand in Gleeba.

    Equip them all on one characters (on Priest, for example) and go to the Tywll Cave. Make your way to the Cuddiedig Cliff and talk to Jona there. You'll have to fight the real Lleviathan now. He's not much harder than the previous one, so if you've defeated Corvus, this should be a "no-problem" to you. After
    defeating him, you'll obtain a [FYGG]. Eat it. After the scene, you'll obtain [STERLING'S WHISTLE]. You are now able to summon the Starflight Express from the world map. Isn't that awesome? When flying on the Express, simple press A on some continent to land there. Choose "No", and you'll be taken to the Realm of the Almighty. You can talk to Celestria in the palace, and she'll be glad to recreate the Realm of the Mighty for you, so you can go there and finish any unfinished business you have there.

    [Info taken from Damage_dealer's FAQ/Walkthrough]

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Other Answers

  1. I think the quest guide can answer your question better...

    There are loads of post-game quests you can do now, including the ones unlocked by DQVC if you have the ability to connect your DS to the internet. Other than that you can explore grottoes and grind levels. Have fun~

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