Starting team; allocating skill points?

  1. What three classes should I start with to accompany my minstrel at the beginning of the game? What's the most effective use of my skill points at the beginning of the game?

    User Info: myea4519

    myea4519 - 6 years ago

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  1. It`s pretty much up to you at this point. The bosses are not that challenging and can be beaten by almost any time (get someone who can learn heal/midheal and you`re ready). Later in the game you`ll get to Alltrades Abbey where you`ll be able to switch classes as you want.
    And just a little suggestion from me. I`d better you not put any of Minstrel`s Skill Points if you`re not planning to use Minstrel`s skills or weapon`s later in the game. By the time I got to Alltrades I had 20-30 skill points available which all went into Warrior`s Spears` tree and the bonuses that came with spears pretty much alowed me to steamroll half the game.

    User Info: panikarj

    panikarj - 6 years ago 1 0


  1. I went with putting skill points in the weapons and later on after maxing one weapon really starting to dedicate them to the others skills. For most of the game the vocations dont matter a lot but most people recommend having a priest since you will really need one later. I played through with a mage but I think you could put them into a more damage centric class just as easily. So if you dont want a mage you could have 2 martial artists, warriors, or one of each. Thief does poor damage and stealing isnt all that easy or worthwhile until you have high deftness.

    User Info: D4vox

    D4vox - 6 years ago 1 0

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