Done with quest "Follow the fish", what now?

  1. i beat the game, went to Jona and got the quest about Jona seeing the big fishy thingy again, i beat the fishy thingy, ate the fygg, got the whistle and i can control the starlight express. ive already gone to most if not all of the areas i couldnt get to during the games and i have the quest about the Necklace, the quest about the kid's sick monster, and the one about the guy who wanted to find the pirate captain ( i passed that one and i got a treasure map to a grotto) but im not really sure if that's what i should be doing. is there anything i can do to continue the story? or is it just me exploring whatever i want because the story is over? i dont know what to do, please hulp! dank uuuu!

    User Info: JohanTheMonster

    JohanTheMonster - 6 years ago

Accepted Answer

  1. After you have completed the main story and gotten the Starlight Express back, there will be a few more Quests that you can do in the game that were not available before you defeated Corvus. In addition, if you can connect to Wi-Fi through Sellma in the Stornway Inn, you can download a BUNCH of new quests to do. Among these DLC quests, there are quite a few that will continue the story lines of the game.

    Aside from post-game and DLC quests, there is the wonderful world of Grotto exploration. Now that you've gotten your first Treasure Map, you can start by exploring that map's Grotto. After you defeat the boss at the bottom of the Grotto, you will be rewarded with another new Treasure Map. This happens every time you defeat a Grotto boss, so this will provide you with a seemingly unlimited amount of Treasure Maps. Also, the higher the level your main character is, the more challenging the Treasure Maps you will receive.

    Beyond this, there is simply the task of trying to attain 100% completion. A daunting task that even most people who got the game when it first came out have yet to do. Try finding and defeating every monster in the game; try getting a character class to Level 99 and then revocating it back to Level 1 (this will get you some interesting items from Jack of AllTrades); try creating every item in the Alchenomicon; and try to collect every item and wardrobe piece in the game.

    Simply put, especially with DLC, there is TONS to do after you've beaten the main story line.

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    Tekkaman_James (Expert) - 6 years ago 0 0

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