How do I find the Flying the Starflight Express Quest?

  1. I really need to know where this quest is..... can anyone help

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  1. Well, I'm not sure which of these two quests you are referring to, but I will post them both just to be safe:

    Quest #039 - Follow That Fish
    Location: Porth Llaffan; Jona's House in the SE of the village
    Request: Summon Lleviathan and defeat him.
    Solution: Talk to the ghost in Porth Llaffan at night. Buy or alchemize a Watermaul Wand (Bloomingdale or Gleeba for 4,700g), Flowing Dress (Upover or Wormwood Creek for 18,000g) and Silver Shield (Stornway from the new armor seller for 30,500g). Talk to Jonah once you have them and go to the summit of Tywll Cave and equip the gear. Talk to Jonah again, defeat Lleviathan and eat the Fygg.
    Reward: Sterling's Whistle which can summon the Starflight Express
    Pre-req: Post-game
    Repeat: No

    Quest #147 - Licensed to Drive
    Location: Inside the Starflight Express; Talk to Sterling
    Request: Collect 9 Goretress Guerilla Stamps. Restrictions are that you can only land the Starflight Express 6 times & you can't use Zoom or Evac
    Solution: Sterling will give you the first stamp. Fly to Batsureg and talk to Conner behind a tent to get your next stamp. Fly to the Heights of Lonlieness and talk to Victor at the entrance. Walk to Bloomingdale and go to the church's rooftop to find Dusty. Fly to Angel Falls and to the west of the waterfall you will find Godfrey. Walk to Coffinwell and to the north west you will find Dodger. Fly to Alltrades Abbey and Cribber will be by the 1F stairs. Fly to Wormwood Creek to find Forger inside the weapon shop. Fly to the Goretress and the last member, Digby, will be at the top of the tower. Board the Starflight and use the inside view to talk to Sterling. Go to the locked door at the very back.
    Reward: Driver's Licence
    Pre-req: DLC, Finish Quest 146
    Repeat: No
    Notes: Story; Available for download on Oct 22, 2010.

    [Taken (mostly) from Zaraf's Quest Guide here on GameFAQs]

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