How do I beat Corvus and best vocation for omnivocational fan?

  1. I need to defeat Corvus please help me
    Lv45 minstrel+omnivocational fan
    Lv46 warrior+omnivocational sword
    Lv44 Mage+omnivocational wand
    Lv46priest+61 wand
    I am willing to change my minstrels vocation but to what? please help me.

    User Info: Theultranerd

    Theultranerd - 6 years ago

Accepted Answer

  1. First try not to use alot of buffs because Corvus will use disruptive wave alot. Most importantly keep your healer operational. Which means if they are paralyzed or get another status effect have other characters ready to save them. Likewise if they start to run out of mp ( you'll have to use multiheal almost every turn) have your other characters restore it with items. Corvus's worst attack is magic burst which he uses after meditation so get ready to defend. Basically your best strategy is surviving. So prepare your party for a long fight. A nice class to have is a high leveled paladin. They wont take much damage and they can use forbearance to protect the whole party. As for a good fan vocation you should go for a luminary. Theyre basically an upgraded version of the minstrel and are the hardest class to get. (you need to beat the game to be able to unlock them) I hope this helps. If you need any more help or have anymore questions just ask me.

    User Info: TK3131

    TK3131 - 6 years ago 0 0

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