The places that seem to have no use... or i just don't know what to make of them?

  1. After you finish the game, you can go to the stornaway weapon shop and talk to the wife. she will tell you that her husband had a horse but it ran away and now he is very upset. then if you go to angel fall's stable, you find the horse that the stornaway weapon shop wife was talking about. is there a quest for that horse? and also if you zoom to stornaway and then go on the boat, there is an island not too far away and it has a house on it with a cow and a big square in the middle that plays sad music. what do i make of that? and also, if you get the quest about the scents for the king in the two tunnel place, the other tunnel i think had just a dracky in it. what's up with that??? it just seems kinda useless. can anyone tell me what their for??? thanks

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  1. Those places, people and things have a purpose: they will have quests for you when you download the data from the Dragon Quest server. Just go to an internet hotspot that your DS or DSi will recognize, make sure you can connect to the internet and talk to Sellma in the Stornway Inn. Tell her you want to connect with DQVC and the download will begin. After the download there will be messages like: "A new quest has become available" and "A special guest has arrived at the Questers Rest" and Sellma will sell you a few items (most of them super rare). She will sell you items every day of the week, take advantage of those bargains!

    The special guests can be found by riding the elavator in the Stornway Inn. They give you pieces of their equipment, collect them all and talk to Stella for some very special accolades.

    There are about 64 extra quests and some of them have not arrived yet, a new one pops up every Friday after 8:00 am, just connect to the internet again and talk to Sellma again to download.

    If this does not help you with what you seek, then some more explination is required.

    Hope this helps!

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