Possible Glitch?

  1. Alright so I have been fighting Estark over and over to get green orbs and collect gold for alchemy ingredients. I had about 400k gold saved up and decided to go turn in mini medals for orichalcum to sell. So off to dourbridge I go and get my orichalcums. On to stornway item shop where I sell my orichalcums.....look to see how much gold I have to spend on chronocrystals and it says I have 89k gold. WTF!? Anyone else run into anything like this. This is the first glitch I've run into. And no I DO NOT own a action replay so cheating is not an issue. Thanks for any help.

    User Info: mdorothy

    mdorothy - 6 years ago
  2. Clarification Request::
    Yeah, that is super weird. Never heard of that happening before. Few questions.

    1. Just to make sure, you save at the church regularly, right? Using Quick Saves instead of hard saves is pretty risky, since you can lose a large chunk of data if your DS turns off for any reason.
    2. Have you ever been wiped out? You probably know about this already, but when your entire party dies, you will lose half of your gold.
    3. Do you have any money stored at the bank in the Quester's Inn? Maybe you stored some money there and forgot.
    4. Are there any family members who might find it funny to tamper with your game files?
    5. Do you have a new copy or a used copy of this game? Even if you have been meticulous in taking good care of your copy, the cartridge might have been damaged by previous owners. Have you ever mistakenly touched the part of the cartridge that makes contact with the DS? If there's grime on there, it could screw up the connection.
    6. You're definitely sure you didn't spend any of your money? Like some expensive equipment? Maybe just be on the safe side and see if there's any new items in your bag or equips.

    User Info: HylianAngel

    HylianAngel - 6 years ago
  3. Additional Details:
    To answer:
    1. Game saves everyday for DQVC. Don't normaly save other than that....DS never gets shut off...just plugged in at night, and it wasn't off that day.
    2. I have been wiped out a few times (damn legacy bosses lol). So yes I know about losing gold from that.
    3. I have no money in the bank, haven't had any since I started buying stuff for legendary equipment.
    4. No, no one here would mess with it. My 2 kids are too little to reach my DS and wife wouldn't know what to do to mess with it.
    5. I have a new copy of the game and it has been in my DS since I bought it. Have 300 some hours on it so I know it hasn't been touched on contact strip or anything.
    6. I know I didn't spend the money because I check to see how much I had, went and bought orichalcum with mini medals, then sold orichalcum in that order, Never stopped during that process. Am very confused lol.

    User Info: mdorothy

    mdorothy - 6 years ago

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  1. O.O Seriously, you never turn the DS off? My DS would like, probably die if I tried to keep it going for more than a few days it skips and sputters after 16 hours of use X_X

    Yea, keeping it on for days on end causes glitches, and a lot of them. Doesn't let your game update properly, doesn't give way for cooldown. Not saving enough gives too much data in one save which CAN result in glitches

    I would suggest saving after every cutscene or boss battle or whatever
    Letting your DS rest, turn it off, at night
    and keep try to keep the wireless service disconnected from the DS unless you're playing it

    I've had games of mine somehow hacked and ruined from people on wireless networks. X_X and here I am barely able to type right, LOL some people are too smart

    User Info: Gamer-ishJazzie

    Gamer-ishJazzie - 3 years ago 1 0


  1. Well, I'm out of ideas then. If that's the only weird thing that's happened ever happened, then I would just ignore it. Maybe just a fluke. Cartridges are usually reliable in storing data correctly, but once in awhile, weird glitches can happen. I know that some video game discs, such as Wii discs, break down over time and get scratches on them from overextended use, but I'm not really sure about how that applies to cartridges. You said Dragon Quest is pretty much the only game you've placed into your DS, and the General FAQ on the boards does mention how playing the game too much can cause errors.

    "Another bug seems to be tied to spending too much time playing and random freezes. Not sure if this is a system glitch though, since it is so rare, and only 2 people I am aware of, have thus far experienced it. Might be the same thing that triggers the priest bug. Might be a defective/glitched cart, or it might be a bug in-game."

    I'd assume that any game could be subject to failures for whatever reason, whether from errors in the factory, overuse, or a random fluke in the game's coding, but for whatever reason, it'd be hard to pinpoint exactly why it happened. So my guess is that you own a perfectly legit copy, but your game glitched from playing it so much. Unless you just randomly blacked out and spent thousands of gold without remembering, lol.

    Oh wait, I just read,you NEVER turn off your DS? You just keep it charged? Well dang, that's pretty harsh on your console (or any console for that matter). That might have played a part in why you game spasmed. If you're not playing DQ, you can keep your DS charged, but I highly recommend turning your DS off. If you're worried about resetting the time counter on your spawn points, just hard save then Quick Save. Quick Save will retain your data, until you start up your game again. The hard save will be there in case your DS turns off.

    User Info: HylianAngel

    HylianAngel - 6 years ago 1 0

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