Is Greygnarl dead?

  1. One of my friends said that Greygnarl was still alive. I'm not talking about at the end, where you see his shadow on the ground, but can you talk to him again? Just wondering. Thx!

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    BWBtehawezome - 6 years ago

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  1. Oh, Greygnarl is alive, brought back from the land of the dead via the sacred powers (and sacrifice) of Stirling (might be spelled wrong) the third dragon and brother to both Barbarus and Greygnarl. Oh, and you never meet Stirling, so do not get your hopes up...

    Want to talk to him again? Then start looking for treasure maps, he is on the last floor of high level grottoes ... and he wants to see how strong you have become! Get ready for one heck of a fight, he is REALLY tough, way tougher than the last boss.

    If you beat Greygnarl in the Grottoes (and you are one VERY lucky person) he might drop the treasure map to the Dragon Lord, a powerful Legacy Boss. Legacy Bosses are blasts from Dragon Quests past and the ultimate test of power and strategy for any and all Dragon Quest players, good luck finding and beating them all, they will NOT be easy by any means.

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