What weapon is best for a Paladin?

  1. I just changed my character to a paladin. But now im stuck on what weapon to use please help me. By the way I have 100 virtue. My character also has an omnivocational fan.

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    Theultranerd - 6 years ago

Accepted Answer

  1. Many answers, I will try to narrow it down. There are about three ways your paladin can go, Offense, defense and critical claim. If you go on the offense, it would be best if you equipped an Uber-Falcon Blade or the Nova family of swords (which is the last and most powerful of swords). Uber-Falcon Blade strikes twice (4 times if you use the falcon slash ability) and the Nova family swords all have a decent chance of reducing the opponents defense (hits pretty hard too). Bring a priest along so you can activate the co-op de grace in the long haul. Though it is not suggested, this could fare you well against early legacy bosses and then you are forced to change to the defensive roll as they become stronger ... unless you did the seed of strength farming trick. Those legacy bosses are way bad.

    If you go on the defensive side, equip fan and shield. But you simply cannot equip any fan and shield to have an invincible wall paladin, no, you will need the Critical family of fans (the ultimate fans) because they boost the appearance of coup de grace and only the best shields (higher than a 12% block chance). Think about it, you activate your coup de grace (makes you invincible) and then use the forbearance ability, you have an invincible party for as long as the coup de grace is active. Or, you could activate magic mirror (shield ability) and the fan ability that turns back breath attacks and you have a party that will be immune to any magic or breath attack for as long as the barriers hold. This works well against some of the more deadly legacy bosses. Those guys are mean!

    The critical claim set involves spears. Use this one if you paladin is underdeveloped in the offensive department and/or against the metal slimes in the game. The bosses of this game cannot withstand too many critical onslaughts before they kneel anyway ... unless that boss is one of the advanced legacy bosses. Those guys are evil!

    Hope this helps!

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