how to complete a Grotto?

  1. I'm trying to understand some stuff about Grottos, I searched the faqs and boards but couldn't find what I'm looking for.

    What I want to know is how to complete a Grotto. I finished one recently so when I look at its treasure map I see "Discovered by" and "Conquered by" with my main character name on it. I also see "Treasure Map" at 100% but below it there are two places with "????????' and "???%". I wanted to know what those two things are and how can I complete them.

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    Hack_ExE - 6 years ago

Accepted Answer

  1. OK, in order to "finish" a Grotto and fill out those two blank spots is simple, the boss waiting at the end of the grotto can drop 2 items. Those two items are the missing spots and the chances (or %) of getting them. Now, the chances of actually getting those drops is VERY low. The reason? The common drops include rare and/or pieces of equipment you could only obtain after completing certain quests, but the rare drop is very special, every single one of the Grotto bosses rare drops includes the basis of the ultimate equipment.

    For example, Equinox's rare drop are the Vesta Gauntlets, those gauntlets are awesome by themselves but can become more powerful if you alchemize them (more than one time) and can become Sol Invictus Gauntlets, the Ultimate heavy gauntlets.

    The ingredients for the ultimate equipment are SUPER RARE and ANNOYING to obtain. They include the agate of evolution and the Orbs. Agates of Evolution require Chronocrystals (cost 50000) in one particular store (its in a cave atop a cliff, not reachable until you pass the game, pay attention to the last scene of the ending for the hint!). And the orbs can only be obtained as rare drops from the infamous Legacy Bosses, search the other questions and board for more info on them, they are Legendary, Powerful and MEAN.

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