What level Grottoes are Moai Minstrels in?

  1. I have two Steel maps and one Silver map. Are they the right levels? The Steel ones are 41 and 52, and the Silver one is 47.

    Also my team is as follows:
    Trace, Minstrel, level 80
    Lillie, Priest, level 61
    Adam, Warrior, level 48,
    Hyram, Mage, also 48.
    I also have Blake, a Ranger, and Destiny, a Martial Artist, both level 45. Any suggestions?

    Thanks for the help.

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    TTSPARX - 6 years ago

Accepted Answer

  1. When it comes down to hunting specific monsters in Dragon Quest 9, the Grotto name has very little to do with it. What you should be looking for is the grotto level, level class (I will explain below) and grotto type. Grotto type involves the nature of the grotto; ruin, cave, water, ice, and volcano. Did I forget one?

    Moai Minstrels can be found in mid-high Cave, Water, and possibly, Volcano (MAYBE) type grottoes. The level should be late 40s trough 50s and beyond. Make sure to mark the grotto you find them in, you will use it again in the future.

    Now, grottos may have their levels but when it comes to the monsters that spawn within there is a grotto class level involved. Class S grottos have ALL the grotto exclusive monsters of that grotto type and have the rares and meanest monsters and the best treasures and they do not need to be in level 99 at all. (I got a class S grotto level 63!) In order to finish the bestiary and find monsters that will probably be needed to finish other quests you must do the following (and this is a surefire way to obtain super Grotto Maps):

    Revocation!: When your character is in level 100, go see Abbot Jack in Alltrades Abbey and he will offer the option of revocation. This allows you to go from level 100 to level 1 without taking away any skills or skill points (spells will be taken away though). You need to revocate 7 TIMES in ONE particular class (I chose Paladin) and have a +7 next to your level and beat the grotto with that class. The best way is to go at it alone and face the metal slime family. Liquid metal slime or higher please!

    Party Member level!: When you finish revocating (you can try your odds by only revocating once or twice), when you go down to beat the boss in a Grotto, all party members (including you) must be level 100 for the best results.

    Grotto Level!: The level of the grotto you conquer must be as high as you possibly can, level 85+ grottoes almost have a 100% class S grotto drop rate!

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