Easy to find and they come up often....know anyplace that all kinds of metal slimes come up?

  1. I need to find a place with just metal stuff so I don't have to keep wondering around The Bowhole to find liquid metal slimes....any suggestions?

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    DQ9Junkie - 6 years ago

Accepted Answer

  1. Allow me to be of assistance. Now, there is no such place that only has metal slime opponents, however there are a few places that give out a great amount of EXP for being patient and another place that spawn multiple metal opponents in one fight.

    The places I refer to are Slime Hill, high level Water Grottoes, and the bottom levels of a class S Ruin or Ice Grotto. Once you posses the ability to fly across the world map, there is an elevated piece of land just right of Angel Falls (you see a cave up there as well) , this place is Slime Hill, where there are very good odds to battle multiple metal slimes and liquid metal slimes. I do not remember, but perhaps Metal King Slimes appear there as well.

    In high level water level maps, Metal King Slimes can be found wondering around in there, the good thing about this but after much grinding and fighting I find that once you start fighting Metal King Slimes, more come up. They appear to be a not-so-rare spawn in high level water grottoes. (At least for me and I spent HOURS fighting those royal metal blobs)

    And finally the bottom floors of class S ruin and ice grottoes. In there you can find Platinum king jewels that drop 240,000 EXP (do not forget it gets divided at the end of battle between your characters). Although much more common in ruin grottoes, getting a level S map is not easy. Here is what you need to obtain class S maps:

    Revocate 3 to 7 times (7 times is highly suggested, give a 85%+ chance to get one)
    All party members must be level 100 when beating the boss at the bottom floor of a grotto
    The grotto you decide to conquer for a class S map must be as high as possible, ( 75+)

    Ridiculous, no? Do this and class S grottoes will come floating out of the sky into your hands.

    These are the famous places to level up, post game. I am afraid that the Bowhole is the only place to grind. Follow the example on this video for a more effective hunting time.

    Hope this helps!

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