Should I revocate?

  1. I know this seems like a stupid question, but I'm not sure if I should revocate or not. Here are my stats with no equipment:
    Minstrel, level 99
    Strength: 300 (Up from vocations)
    Agility: 423 (Up from vocations)
    Resilience: 237
    Deftness: 334 (Up from vocations)
    Charm: 285 (Up from vocations)
    Magical Mending: 227 (Up from vocations)
    Magical Might: 213 (Up from vocations)
    Maximum HP: 556 (Due to the fact that I've dabbled in some other vocations since beating the game)
    Maximum MP: 182 (Again from other vocations)

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    TTSPARX - 6 years ago
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    Awesome. Thanks.

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Accepted Answer

  1. That depends on what you are currently trying to accomplish in the game. If you simply want to play and are completing all quests (the regular ones, not the ones from DQVC) then no, you should not revocate.

    BUT, if you are seeking to obtain all equipment and/or finishing grottoes and legacy bosses then yes, you should definitely revocate. The reason? The more times you revocate, the better the odds of obtaining better grottoes. Inside these superior grottoes are the ultimate weapons and some awesome (and exclusive) pieces of armor and weapons. (For example: the Fuddle Bow)

    And let us not forget the goodies that being kept by the grotto bosses, each one of them (except for one) has a piece of ultimate armor as their rare drop.

    DO NOT revocate the other party members, just your main characters. Get your party members to level 100 and keep them there.

    DO NOT be afraid of losing skills and/or stat points, when you revocate your spells are taken away but you will learn them again as you level up, you do not lose any skills or skill points and when you get back to level 100 the points will be exactly the same as before you revocated.

    There might even be more points if you mastered any more passibe abilities (like HP+80). As you level up again you will receive skill points again, but listen to this: if you get EVERY vocation to level 100, you will only be 200 points away from mastering EVERYTHING!

    Hope this helps!

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Other Answers

  1. A couple things to add to the above:

    The first time you revocate a particular vocation, you will receive a powerful accessory related to that particular job. Some of these have unique enchantments and are extremely useful.

    Grotto quality is not only based on your maximum revocation level, but also your maximum job level. If you're going for better grottoes, get a second vocation to level 99 before you revocate, and then always keep at least one at 99.

    If you don't revocate your other party members, be prepared to level solo. Because of the exp split, it will be too hard to level from 1 while the rest of your party is 99. You can leave behind party members at Stornway and retrieve them any time, though, so that's not too big of a deal. Only your own job and revocation levels matter to grotto calculations, so what you do with the rest of your party is your own preference.

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